Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Following Popular Trends

I did it. I've created a blog. I try so hard to avoid popular trends to somehow distinguish myself among the masses and yet, I almost always convince myself to jump on the bandwagon eventually. I did it with myspace, I did it with facebook, I even did it with the iPhone. So here I am now, typing away, feeling slightly guilty because I succumbed once again, but also savoring this new moment of creating my first blog entry.

I've mostly created this for the purpose of my ENG 250 class, but I've seen other bloggers use this as a "garage sale". I think I'd like to use this for staying connected with my family and friends mostly. Being newly married, I imagine some friends or family members would like to know more details on my new life.

We'll see how soon I decide to retire blogging :)

Like I mentioned earlier, I got married to my best friend, Carl Leder, on April 19th, 2008. He's great. I love him! Technically, this blog is supposed to be "ours", but Carl will admit that he's definitely not quite the "blogging type." We met in the BYU-I 1st ward last September (2007), called it "love" after a month, and naturally got engaged the month after. We probably could have been married that December as well, but I think both my family and I needed the 4 month engagement- I was only 19 afterall. Outside of the LDS culture, a year long engagement is normal. 4 months is short! Getting married at 19 is supposed to be a poor choice. Nonetheless, I think everyone was happy on April 19th this year when Carl and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Oakland California LDS Temple. It was truly one of the happiest days in my life. Life was great then.

Life is greater now! I've been married for over 5 months now and spent my first married summer living and working on the east coast! I have been a west-coaster, california sunshine kind of gal my whole life, and though I thought Idaho was rough my first year at college, Washington DC redefined "rough" for me. Carl and I lived in the DC area (Silver Spring, MD) right after we got married. We drove there from Oregon in about 2 1/2 days and started working right away with Pinnacle Security. Carl installed home security systems, while I was one of the office managers for that particular office in the company. I say that DC redefined rough for me because it was so different and frustrating than any other place I've lived or even visited. The drivers were scary, we were part of a minority in race, the Church was not as strong as it is in Idaho or Utah (or even my home stake!), and of course we didn't know anybody or have any family close by. Over the course of the summer, we toured practically all of DC and the surrounding area and I ended up really enjoying the experience in the end. However, if I end up living on the east coast again, I'd prefer to be in the country :)

I don't know who will actually take the time to read all of this, but I've enjoyed writing tonight- and if it's only me, I'm okay with that because that's just one more thing on my list of little pleasures in life.

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