Monday, March 2, 2009

Day(s) of Love!

I know I might have some feelings of guilt after this entry because I have tests in Sociology and Pathophysiology this week, both which have not had any time dedicated to them for study. Carl and I have had spring fever since we've been married- we want OUT! Seriously, I would drop out of school if I didn't already spend 3 years of time, classes, and money on schooling. I just want to play. and so does Carl. 

Perhaps I can't stand school because Carl and I will be split up this summer due to it! The nursing program is year round and since Carl makes the bling so that we can afford to be married and go to school, he will be in Dallas, TX working for Pinnacle Security again. Terrible, terrible things you do for love... BUT there is a way we will be staying connected and that is through other people's love. Yes, that's right, WEDDINGS!

Between April and July, we have a wedding to attend each month!

First, on April 11th, my dear friend Dustan Millward, whom I've known for several years, is getting married to a beautiful gal named Jenessa. They are great together and I'm so excited for them! Dustan is awesome because he helped teach me about LDS church and baptized me when I decided to join the Church! I don't know if Carl and I will actually go to their sealing at the Boise temple, but we'll definitely go to their reception to support and cheer them on for reaching such a wonderful step in life.
totally stole this from facebook.. so cute!

Next, we have Devin Moore- he is Carl's best friend, room mate for several semesters, and his best man from our wedding! Carl was also Devin's trainer on their mission to Malaga, Spain back in the day.  So, he will be sealed to Karina, a darling lady, on May 21st in the Salt Lake temple. They are a perfect couple. We are so happy for them and can't wait to see them tie the knot! 
Karina Stratton
ok, so I'm stealing ALL the pics from facebook. they're adorable!

Ok, this one is exciting because my best friend Kimberly Harrison is the story! Kim and I have known each other since our freshman year of high school (unless you count the dance class we took together in 4th grade..)! We've been through thick and thin, communicated all the while she traveled the world, AND she introduced the gospel to me! I love her to pieces and I am absolutely stoked for her to get married to this amazing dude, Jason. She wrote him through out his whole mission and they are such good friends, I couldn't think of anyone better who deserves Kim.  On the 26th of June, they will be sealed in the most awesome and holy temple (j/k! kind of.. :)- the Oakland temple! ok so that is a little biased since Carl and I were sealed there (and Carl's parents too!), but what the heck, it's also an excuse to visit the wonderful land of California. Carl and I are again so happy to see another great couple married.

they are so stinking happy :)

Last, my beautiful sister-in-law, Catie, is getting married!! She is so sweet in every way! Catie is Carl's older sister and she is a hoot! I think she is so funny, talented, and lovely. By the way, to give some insight on how nice and amazing she is, Catie moved her wedding date one week down in order to make sure I could be there AND save us a couple hundred dollars in flights. I don't know anyone who would be that selfless concerning their own wedding. SO Catie will be marrying this handsome (and also funny!) guy named Brandon on July 26th. We love him and think they are a fantastic pair. Can't wait!

yay!!!! we love them!!! wonderful couple 

I love that Carl and I get to unite once a month at weddings. What a great time and place, right?? I mean it's not sad like a funeral or just some ordinary trip. It's true, we'll probably be spending well over a $1000 in flights, but I am proud of all these people we know taking this brave step of marriage- all who have been married understand that it takes some degree of bravery and courage for that committment, but the hard times and struggles are all worth it when it means you are getting married to very person you love and adore most :)

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