Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm not even sure where to begin on an entry. I made it a goal to start blogging so that I can keep my families informed of the not-so-exciting, but sometimes interesting things going on in our life. Of course I didn't want to notify anyone of this blog until I beautified it and made it more personal than a template. I agree, a plain white background is somewhat boring, but note the banner I made with this Photoshop-wannabe program called I am pleased.

SO, what's happened in the last year? I believe the last post was that I was finally in Texas with Carl after spending a miserable 4 months apart. Here's a timeline:

July - finished my second semester of the nursing program and moved to Texas

August - enjoyed my time with Carl and toured around the Dallas area

September - moved back to Rexburg and back to good ol' BYU-I

October - still in Rexburg...

November - I'm pregnant! Spent the first part of Thanksgiving break in New Hampshire and
Boston for Chris and Katie's wedding, then flew back to Idaho and drove to Oregon for the rest of the break to be with Carl's side of the family.

December - finished my third (and favorite) semester of the nursing program, spent Christmas in CA with my family, and then decided to drive to OR for the last few days of break

January - starting the last semester of the nursing program and also Carl's last semester in school!

February - I think by this point, both Carl and I were suffering from being almost-grads...

March - We're having a baby boy! We were thrilled by this news, especially Carl :) I didn't really have a preference, but the superficial, materialistic Tracey secretly wanted a girl due to the absurd amount of cute clothes little baby girls get. Plus it was kind of fun to see shock and hear the surprise tones when we announced the babe is a boy- there were many family members confident it would be a girl!

April - this was a happening month because this happened:

That's right, we both graduated- Carl in Exercise Science and myself in Nursing! I don't feel very graduated unfortunately. I'm still trying to take an exit exam AND prepare for the license exam (NCLEX-RN), so everyday I do stinking practice questions and it is getting old. Carl is working very hard everyday providing for the both of us and the little babe in the uterus hotel- I'm such a lucky girl :) Also in April, our first nephew was born on April 9th! Cody and Cherie had their baby boy, Benjamin Case Leder. He's darling and I wish I could hold him everyday!!! Good thing is that we'll be getting our own baby in about 8-10 weeks!

I said April was a happening month because we ALSO moved to to Kansas! We'll be here until at least August and probably until the end of October. The city is called Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, MO, and I adore it. The city girl in me is delighted by the many lovely shopping malls and hubs all within a few miles of our apartment! We are also very close to some LDS Church history sites and I'm looking forward to taking some tours. No lies, I was a little frightened about moving to KS because I didn't know anything about the area except the Wizard of Oz and the extensive repertoire of tornadoes in its time. That being said, I haven't come across any tornadoes and the area I'm living in really isn't flat. Southeastern Idaho is much flatter.

May - Here we are now in May already. Can it really be May 8th already? And on top of that, it's Saturday meaning the weeks is practically over. I'm 30 weeks and 3 days today, we've been in the area for nearly a month, and I can't believe the babe is getting here so soon! We have most of the essentials for the new arrival, like a pack n' play (which we're using as a crib since we are truly nomads and a crib would be a pain in the BUTT to move), car seat/stroller set, some baby clothes (we still need to add to this since he has less than a week's worth of clothese for both newborn and 0-3 months), diaper bag, and our latest cool thing: a glider chair with ottoman. Might I just say that we got that last item today and for FREE?! I love I posted that I wanted a glider and somebody responded within a few hours! I love free stuff and I love kind people.

Anyway, that is the big update for all those who faithfully read this blog and for those who stalk us secretly :)


  1. Yes! I secretly stalk you! And honestly it was kind of a secret to me to! I'd added you to my dashboard months ago, and after I finished a posting of my own, just checked to see if anyone else had updated and low and behold I saw that you had. I totally forgot that you had a blog! I'm glad things are going so well for you guys and you're hair is so cute short!! I'm also very glad you haven't run into any tornados! Please keep us posted of the goings on, cause I'm really bad at keeping up in other ways. We better see a picture of baby Leder as soon as he comes!

  2. Yay! I am so glad you are documenting your life over the interweb again. I can't wait for tiny baby. He already looks so cute.

  3. Dee, I'm so glad you can openly stalk me now :) I'm trying to be faithful to the blogging, so we'll see how it goes! So far I've been having fun making it look prettier :)

    Kimberly! I'm glad to be back too haha. Baby Bojangle is excited to meet his Aunt Kimberly in November :) Keep me informed of the happenings in your life too!