Monday, May 24, 2010

The Joys of Pregnanthood


just because I can.


I find that the "because I can" reasoning works very well since I've been pregnant. For example, early on in the pregnancy, I had trouble gaining weight (as in, I didn't gain any in the first 16 weeks). The doc told me that I needed to gain at least 6 lbs. in about a 3 week time period, so I was pounding 300 calorie weight gain drinks twice a day. I also reasoned that eating my favorite cheese, brie, by the pound was necessary. Did you know that there are 100 calories per 1 inch square? Those were very delicious squares indeed. Now that I'm all caught up on my weight gain, I still like to make excuses like eating 7 otter pops in an hour or a dozen of the cookies Katie, my sister-in-law, sent us back home with. She gave us 2 dozen. Chocolate chip pancakes are definitely needed in the morning to get the day started right too. Don't you all fret, I eat many good things too, like 3 lbs of strawberries or a pound of blueberries, and a slew of vegetables that are too numerous to list. Anyway, I do this all because, well, because I can.

Tonight, I wanted to point out all the good things I love about being pregnant because in the last few days, I have been the most uncomfortable woman ever. Tossing and turning at night, having to sit up or walk around the apartment at 2 in the morning so that the baby will stop pushing on my diaphragm and let me take a breath, and deal with exploratory appendages finding their way under my ribs or playing with that odd lump known as my bladder. Nonetheless, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy compared to many other women. Here are my top favorite things I've experienced thus far:

10. Peeing on a stick could never be more fun when you actually want to be pregnant! It was a big disappointment to have one line on the stick the first two months, but that third month was great! Two lines! And digital message saying "pregnant"! What? That's two different pregnancy test brands? Oh, that's because I took 5 tests because I was so excited and could hardly believe that all I had to do was pee and get an answer.

9. I get strangers telling me I'm cute all the time. Is it a crime to enjoy feeling cute? I say nay. I tell Carl I feel like a beached whale almost every night as he helps me climb in bed by giving me boost up or when he puts my socks and tennis shoes on for me. He thinks I'm cute too. I'm pretty lucky to have a husband who takes such good care of me!

8. No stretch marks! The secret? My genes. I never lotion, soak in special oils, use special collagen creams, or anything of that sort. Don't get me wrong though, I have a dark linea nigra, dry skin, and a belly button that deviates to the right (Carl says that's cute though).

7. No morning sickness! I didn't feel pregnant during my first trimester because I thought I was supposed to toss my cookies at least once a day or even once a week. Everyone told me to just wait because it would happen, but nope, I never did throw up once during the first trimester (during the 2nd trimester is a different story that includes how I made up for the first with a bout of food poisoning). There were a few days of nausea that I remember and it's true, I didn't exactly ever have an appetite, but I was just so grateful to never really have that relationship with the trash can or toilet.

6. I can see the babe's every move! I have no idea what's what when something is sticking out, but when he moves, I not only can feel it, but I see my belly transform. This is uncomfortable a lot of the time, but so entertaining!

5. No crazy cravings of any kind. I don't crave ice cream and I don't crave grass. I love to indulge in delicious treats, but that goes back to the "because I can" theory. I figure that if there's a time to indulge in tastiness, it's now! If I haven't ballooned thus far, then I'm safe to have dessert :) Besides, Katie and I are good and exercise almost every morning!

4. Buying baby stuff. Carl will testify that I am quite the budget Nazi when it comes to spending every month. However, that does not mean that I don't enjoy spending! I love shopping in every form and love brand new things! For our baby, I wanted to be sure to have 3 things that were brand, spankin' new with warranties: a carseat, stroller, and crib (or pack n' play):

Graco makes these wonderful pack n' plays with bassinets and changing tables! Take off the those two things, and voila! a crib :)

By careful review, we decided we liked Baby Trend the most! They have the best carseat handle EVER! Plus, if you're expecting and don't have a stroller, check out and search out coupon codes from because we got this for a steal!

and of course I took this opportunity to splurge on a diaper bag that I adore and have been using quite frequently as a purse:

3. CVS pharmacy. Ok so not exactly pregnancy-related, but I'm slightly obsessed with the place right now, and more obsessed with the coupons I got in the mail (and dug out of the apartment complex recycling bin) for the grand opening of one of their stores. I have been going coupon crazy searching for diaper coupons all over the Internet! It's a bit embarrassing that I have a special coupon e-mail  ( - send me a good deal! haha) I use for signing up for loads of websites to get free samples and more, well, coupons. So far, thanks to these nifty $10 off $20 coupons at this special CVS store and several manufacturer coupons, I've managed to buy almost 240 diapers for $27. Sadly, that will only last about a month. I can't believe babies poop so much. Oh yes, I'm expecting to go through at least 8-10 diapers a day. It makes me sick to think that I'll probably spend about $500 or $600 in diapers in a year's time.. and that's if I keep up with this deal hunt. I have seriously considered cloth diapering after the babe is about 3 months old. We'll see. I'm still grateful for the good deals CVS has given me!

2. I'm SEW crazy!!! I have loved sewing more than ever since graduating! It's just been so fun to make baby hats, mitts, a night gown, and a bunch of other stuff I can keep on blabbing about. Once I get a snapshot of these things, I'll be sure to post them.

1. Last, this babe is truly a miracle baby! Why? When I was about 8 weeks along, I had some bleeding going on that was extremely frightening. After going to the OB right away, we were told to prepare ourselves because there was at least a 50% chance of miscarriage due to an odd lump that could possibly be a fibroid in my uterus and impede the baby's chance of surviving. Though, in that first ultrasound, we saw and heard the little baby's heart beating away. So we prepared ourselves with much prayer every night and from our family members and held onto that hope that the babe's heart would keep on beating. And it did :) Every single ultrasound was more promising than the first until one appointment after a million it seems like, the doc said not to worry about the odd lump because the baby seemed to be doing just fine. I'm so grateful for all of the thoughts and prayers our family members supported us with! I like to think that the lump is just a nice pillow for our baby now. haha!

If every pregnancy could have these perks (minus the scary beginning), I'm good for the next few pregnancies! And although this is fun, I can hardly wait for the next 7 weeks to pass by!


  1. I love this! I'm sooo incredibly glad you decided to keep up this blog (bomb threats to come if you quit!)! Even though I'm not ready for a baby now, it's so wonderful to live vicariously through your cute blog posts =) When my finals are over this week, I will continue knitting up a storm for Baby Bojangles! Love you!

  2. I will not quit after those threats! haha :) I'm glad you enjoy reading them- after all, I write so that you and the family know what's going on! Can't wait to see more of your fun creations!

  3. Fabulous post! So, I haven't gained any weight yet (and I'm 15 weeks) and no yelling yet from any doctors. I'm so glad you pointed out all of the wonderfully positive things about pregnancy because it gives me something to look forward to! We love and miss you guys (baby Leder too!).

  4. oh my are pregnant. You have the cutest belly ever! Glad you found my blog so we can now be blog friends!

  5. Katy, if you stayed at Madison's, they definitely would hound you, but I'm pretty sure a lot of OBs realize that weight distribution is different in all pregnant women! You have so much to look forward too! I started to feel the baby move right at 16 weeks, so be on the watch for that fetal movement :)

    Rachel, you are too sweet :) I LOVE reading blogs!