Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to Our Humble Abode

As requested by my sister and some friends, here is where we live in Kansas:

Yes, this is a glorified picture I pulled from their website. There is a pond, it's not that close and I'm pretty sure it belongs to the nursing home and not the apartment complex. Nonetheless, bravo to the Claremont Apartment advertising team's skill for snagging this picture.

Living Room from the front door view

Living room from the office/almost-baby room
(I know, the yellow velvet couch is just dazzling)

The office/baby room
The kitchen


And of course the bedroom

That's all for now. I like the location of the apartment mostly because it's right across the street from the hospital I'll be delivering at and my OB is also across the street too! It makes appointments very convenient AND it'll be convenient at the time I pop :)


  1. Looks like your apt sure beats an extended stay hotel.

  2. I didn't know you guys were staying at extended stays through the summer! That's a stinker. At least you don't have to wash your sheets ever?