Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ezra Wallace Leder!

These are my two favorite boys :) ...and favorite picture of them both.

As some may have read on my facebook album (check it out here), Ezra decided to poop in Carl's hand  (with a diaper on of course) when Carl was holding him up. Right after we both exclaimed our "ewwwwws!" and "that's sick!!!", I caught this wonderful smile on camera.

So I haven't gone missing, but recovery sure has been tough. Ezra Wallace Leder was born on Sunday, July 11th at 4:16 am (during no-man's hour, so congratulations to my dear sister, Shnooks, who won the tasty treat! You hit the bullseye!). Everyone is doing very well and I am SO glad my mom is out here! I haven't had to worry about making a meal since I've been home and Carl and I have only had to figure out this whole parenting thing.

More updates to come including a birth story and other fun tidbits like how we came up with the name Ezra :) Love to all and can't wait to share more of Ezra!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've Got the Whole World In My Hands

There isn't a baby yet. Remember this? Well, it's still going on.

Just had to get that out there in case you were wondering. No Baby.

But thanks to this waiting time, Carl and I have had some spare time! Today, we did this:

(that's Antartica at the bottom. I swear my skin isn't white as snow!)

Half of you readers know me as a biology nerd/nursing student junky (well, actually I'm a real nurse now :) while the other half remember me as the high school gal who aspired to be on broadway and major in art and French when I began college. This project brought out the latter. Carl bought me some paint for my birthday knowing that I had wanted to paint my belly once it was nice and round. I'll give Carl most of the credit for this one though, since he is a master at world geography and he painted all the continents with a q-tip (I will give myself credit for whispering fiercely about making Africa too big and Florida too thick). It was a fun project to do together though :)

I hit 39 weeks yesterday, passed up many of your due date guesses, and today I had an OB appointment. I won't go into all the fun details of these weekly appointments, but progress seems to finally be picking up and I even had my membranes sweeped (for all you non-OB-term-savvy folks, here's what it means to sweep the membranes). Anyway, I really like my doctor. She's female, funny, and thorough with her explanations, though very concise at the same time, if that's possible. We decided on an induction date of 7/20 (exactly when I'm 41 weeks) if the baby decides to hang out a week late.

SO the end is in sight, but I do hope to go before the 20th since that's another 12 days from now and I could possibly go crazy by then. Possibly.

My mama is coming this Monday- I'm so excited- she's bringing me tasty Chinese treats and I'll get a chance to brush up on my Chinese (which is more Chinglish the older I get). And I was promised lessons on Chinese cooking (I haven't forgotten, mama!). July sure is a happening month! My mom is coming, our baby is coming, and then my mother-in-law is coming out too! It's gonna be a party (though I wish the dads were both coming too! and my sister! and really, all my family on both sides!)! Anyway, I must feed this undying hunger that aches in me daily. I swear there's a hole in my stomach. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This would be very convenient

I'm just saying that a tracking number would be very convenient to have at this point. It would help me feel a little more prepared for this new package that's estimated to arrive somewhere between, oh let's see, NOW and two weeks!

Reality is beginning to sink in more and more. I re-packed the hospital bag and re-folded the baby clothes tonight. Meals have been prepared and frozen. House is clean. Grocery shopping just about done (still have some last minute 4th of July food shopping to do!) and all I have left is my imagination and anxiety. I wish that after I delivered the baby, I would also deliver an instruction manual too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing the Waiting Game

Well, here it is, my boredom allowed me to make a fancy calendar of all of your guesses! This was fun to for me to see what you all have in mind too. I wasn't really sure for some of you who was making the guess, so I either catergorized you as a couple, family, or individual.

I keep having Linda Ronstadt's song "The Waiting" play over and over in my head, specifically the chorus when she sings "The wa-a-ai-ting is the hardest part." Isn't this so true? Of course the song obviously isn't about some woman who is 38 weeks pregnant in midst of July's summer heat, but I can relate to the chorus at least. It's exciting to know that the babe will at least be born by July 21st (41 weeks) because I'll be induced by then. Still hoping this boy decides to surprise me in the middle of the night or something. Actually, I'm mostly just hoping that I'll be home if my water breaks instead of walking around the mall or in a movie theater..

Speaking of movies, Carl and I have suddenly had the strong desire to watch every movie in theatre right now and those to come out soon. I even want to watch Eclipse. If you know me, you know how much I trash-talk those books. Yes, I read them each within a 24 hour time period, but not because I thought they were so amazing... I just needed to find out if Bella became a dang vampire or not. Anyway, I still don't recommend the books, unless you enjoy indecisive teen girls who have the perfect vampire boyfriend that allows her to kiss her hot werewolf friend, nor the movies unless you enjoy seeing some cool werewolf action scenes, which both Carl and I think is pretty cool. I think I want to watch Eclipse mostly because of the hype. We'll probably catch a matinee very soon.

I've been fairly sew-crazy lately but not so photo-snapping crazy hence the lack of pictures of my creations. I made another dress, hemmed some clearance sweats into shorts, and I have some cute little baby pants cut out and ready to be sewn when I decide I feel like it. I am very ready to have this baby now. I even told him he could come out now that I got a haircut, had a pedicure, and finally finished my important sewing projects. I don't think he's ready to leave the uterus hotel though- I don't really blame him. It's kind of a scary world to be born into compared to being toted around 24/7 in a warm environment and hooked up to your meals through your belly button.