Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've Got the Whole World In My Hands

There isn't a baby yet. Remember this? Well, it's still going on.

Just had to get that out there in case you were wondering. No Baby.

But thanks to this waiting time, Carl and I have had some spare time! Today, we did this:

(that's Antartica at the bottom. I swear my skin isn't white as snow!)

Half of you readers know me as a biology nerd/nursing student junky (well, actually I'm a real nurse now :) while the other half remember me as the high school gal who aspired to be on broadway and major in art and French when I began college. This project brought out the latter. Carl bought me some paint for my birthday knowing that I had wanted to paint my belly once it was nice and round. I'll give Carl most of the credit for this one though, since he is a master at world geography and he painted all the continents with a q-tip (I will give myself credit for whispering fiercely about making Africa too big and Florida too thick). It was a fun project to do together though :)

I hit 39 weeks yesterday, passed up many of your due date guesses, and today I had an OB appointment. I won't go into all the fun details of these weekly appointments, but progress seems to finally be picking up and I even had my membranes sweeped (for all you non-OB-term-savvy folks, here's what it means to sweep the membranes). Anyway, I really like my doctor. She's female, funny, and thorough with her explanations, though very concise at the same time, if that's possible. We decided on an induction date of 7/20 (exactly when I'm 41 weeks) if the baby decides to hang out a week late.

SO the end is in sight, but I do hope to go before the 20th since that's another 12 days from now and I could possibly go crazy by then. Possibly.

My mama is coming this Monday- I'm so excited- she's bringing me tasty Chinese treats and I'll get a chance to brush up on my Chinese (which is more Chinglish the older I get). And I was promised lessons on Chinese cooking (I haven't forgotten, mama!). July sure is a happening month! My mom is coming, our baby is coming, and then my mother-in-law is coming out too! It's gonna be a party (though I wish the dads were both coming too! and my sister! and really, all my family on both sides!)! Anyway, I must feed this undying hunger that aches in me daily. I swear there's a hole in my stomach. 


  1. painted with q-tip? amazing :)
    miss you guys!

  2. That is an nice and round stomach I don't think my belly looked that good ever! You are adorable and I think it is so fun you and your husband did that. What great bonding time. How long did you leave that on?

  3. Thanks! I was feeling pretty achy after painting it on, so I think after it was painted, I washed it off maybe an hour or less later.

  4. Way to hang in there Tracey and nice artwork Carl!!

  5. that is so funny! haha i love it! baby needs to come out so you can be a mommy!

  6. Hey you two. That is pretty dang stinking cute. I can't believe that you actually painted your belly. I have to agree with Danielle, I don't think my belly was every that round to do something so amazing. Good luck! I hope you have already had your little one! Our little Boston came on his due date, but I was determined not go past. So hopefully you don't either.