Saturday, September 18, 2010

Charity 5k Run for Sustain Haiti

Hello All!

   You usually have the extreme pleasure of reading the more well written words and thoughts of my Fabulous Wife Tracey. For this entry I am making my debut on our Blog!
   I am sure you all recall the devastating earthquake that shattered the lives of so many people in Haiti earlier this year. Pinnacle Security, the company I work for, has partnered with a NGO (nongovernmental organization) called Sustain Haiti. The goal of Sustain Haiti can simply be summarized with the intro to a recent entry on their blog, "One of the most common English clichés suggests that teaching a man to fish is preferable to giving that man a fish because teaching allows the individual to support himself for a lifetime." Basically, they are teaching the people of Haiti skills to rebuild their country, like gardening, in hopes of them becoming independent.
  For more information on what they are doing please see their blog at: and to see more of what Pinnacle is doing to raise funds for Sustain Haiti, you can go to Here is the story that the Utah news station KSL 5 reported on this group and what they are doing:
  On November 6th, Tracey, Ezra (via jogger stroller), and I will be running in a 5K Charity run which is being organized by Pinnacle. In fact, I am helping to organize and put it together! There will be 3 levels of entry fees depending on how much each participant is able to raise: $25, $75, and $150. Our goal is to raise as much as we can to support this program. In doing this we also want to reach out to our friends and family to help raise funds towards the entry fees. Just think, if everyone we know contributes $1, we could make such a difference already (tracey speaking now- what costs a dollar? chips, mcdonald's soda, dollar store items [and even those cost more sometimes]... back to Carl). And again all this money will go directly to helping the people of Haiti. We have created a button that will allow you to make donations into our Paypal account, each donation will be labeled "Sustain Haiti." We will donate every penny towards the charity.

We can use your help, but Haiti can use it more!

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