Thursday, September 23, 2010

Through the years

Can I just say that I'll be missing this guy?

I'm talking about the car. My 2003 VW Passat that I've been driving since I was 16. My parents gave it to Carl and I when we got married and what a trusty car it has been. It's driven us from coast to coast (literally. we drove from Oregon to DC in it), North to South (Idaho is kind of North... down to Texas), and really, it's driven us all over the United States (I don't even know how many times we've driven through the dreaded Nebraska). At 95,000 miles, it's losing more and more value and we're needing more and more space, so we are planning on trading this wonderful vehicle in. I'm sad. There have been so many memories attached to this car and now it's time for it to go. I guess that's life.

See, he was even at the temple when we got married

On a different note, do I hear crickets chirping? The last post about Sustain Haiti seemed to be a bit awkward for everyone since we were asking for donations. Seriously, don't feel obligated or guilty if you don't want to make a donation. FEEL HORRIBLE!

Just kidding. Hahaha I am the master of terrible jokes.

We're just trying to reach out to our friends and family who may have a few dollars laying around they decided not to use for a gas station pop and hot dog combo. We're very grateful for the donations that have been made though, so thank you very much for thinking of us!

If you happen to have that extra step in your walk and a cheerful song playing in your mind today though, click that shiny donation button below and contribute to a good cause!

ok, the button's link isn't working so go back to this post and click that pretty donation button:

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