Thursday, December 16, 2010

A different planet called Arches National Park.

This visit was from early October, so Ezra was about 3 months old.

I really felt like I was on a completely different planet when we went to visit Arches National Park on our way to UT from TX. We broke the drive down into three days- Dallas, TX to Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe, NM to Moab, UT (Arches is right by here), and then Moab to Provo.

This visit was quite the sight to see. Absolutely breathtaking and hard to believe a place this beautiful exists.

Random rock formations are everywhere!

Heading up the trail!

I thought this dead tree/bush/shrub was very artistic looking.

So this is why they call it Arches National Park...

What grandeur!

I took this picture myself. Thank you, Mr. Rock, for your tripod-like abilities

Look at them arches!

Handsome and very warm.

Just doing a little bouldering

Que pasa?!

What a bulbous rock, yes?

More updates to come! For now, I take my leave to complete the task of organizing my very own laundry canyons currently in our bedroom.

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  1. This place looks amazing! I would love to visit someday =) I love Ezra's face when Carl's reaching up, "Um, Dad, what are you doing?"