Sunday, December 26, 2010

Give Thanks for Being in CA!

Currently, I am in Oregon and have spent Christmas with the Leder side this year. So it makes sense that I am blogging about Thanksgiving then, right? Okay, not really except that I am behind on my updates. SO, Thanksgiving in CA first, then another post about Christmas will follow (hopefully) soon after.

Driving to CA was long and miserable for Ezra (and Carl... and me... but mostly Ezra). However, we made it there and spent a glorious week in the better-than-Utah-weather state.

We stayed in my parents other house first and celebrated Carl's big two-eight!

Shnooks and Ezra :) Ezra has a bit of a crazy eye going on.

the only picture I got of my mom. She is somehow always escaping my pictures!!! so here she is cooking some greenbeans with her best weapon- the chopsticks

Doesn't everyone seem so intrigued by my dad?! har har har just kidding :)

Grandpa taking a snooze after Thanksgiving dinner

I could NOT keep my eyes open any larger for this picture. Shnooks, how many did we take?!

Aunts and Uncles and Grandma. This was Grandma's last lovely family gathering before she passed away about a week later. My Aunt Ruby emailed us to thank us for giving her such a good meal before she left :)

Tio Andres!

cousins :)

The most delicious treat Aunt Ruby makes for every family gathering. Little gummy cake things (I have no idea what to translate them to in English...) and cocunut flakes for topping. YUM!

Thanksgiving was lovely. I had a great time seeing family and friends :) Here are a few more random pictures from the visit:

So, I stalked this feeder for a good hour or so because my mom claimed hummingbirds visited her garden frequently throughout the day...

She was right! I saw two or three hummingbirds and hour at least and they kept hiding in her plants. Can I just comment that they are tricky to catch on camera AND be in focus?!
Grandpa has a Kindle! Wha-what?!

Christmas update to follow this week!

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  1. Tracey you are so adorable and your darling Ezra is getting so big! Looks like you had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving...can't wait to see what Christmas had in store :)