Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Post.

this is the face of a five month old :)

Hello. My name is Tracey. Remember me? I used to post weekly.

It's true, I've taken a very long break from the blog - almost 2 months! Writing takes time and time was very limited each day since moving to Utah. I've decided to do several different posts to try to recapture all the wonderful moments in the past 2 months or more.

We have been moving into our apartment for awhile now. Every time we begin to settle down with the boxes, a new load is welcomed into our livingroom and it's time to start all over.

So, about Ezra, our FIVE month old:

- He has been about a steady 17 lbs for over 1 1/2 months now. I credit his doorway jumper for maintaining his weight :) He can jump for an hour or more at time! I even had to tighten his cloth diapers today around the waist, which is most definitely a first.

- Lately, he's been sucking on his bottom lip as if he might lose it if he stops.

- Today he found his tongue and has been acting like a snake all day long. It's pretty cute.

- He still loves to stand- he's been happy about standing since about 4 weeks old! Now all we have to do is hold his knees or a finger

- He is also a rolling champ now. He started right around 4 1/2 months and has been getting wigglier every day, especially during a diaper change. Diaper off? Time to roll and escape the next diaper. See this video if you're not up to date with facebook

- He can almost sit up on his own, but is great with a little support. Bathing him the kitchen sink is much easier now because he has a lot to lean on.

- He has not started any solids yet, but I am pretty excited to start in January when he turns six months (oh em gee, right? that was omg if you didn't get it). More on that when that time rolls around.

It's amazing how quick Ezra's developmental milestones are being acheived. Time has snuck up on us! I finished my first nursing bachelor's class two weeks ago and it was a breeze. I start clinicals next week and while I requested the ICU and NICU, they assigned me to the ICU and ER. Can I just say I'm a little nervous about the ER?? I don't trust myself in nursing skills quite yet...

I have so much to update. Ezra was a monkey for Halloween. We went to CA for Thanksgiving. We went to Chicago last week. And then there's all the in-between. Yikes! Other then all the recent happenings though, Carl and I have been doing wonderfully and I look forward to getting back in the groove of blogging. I am also excited to go visit family in OR for Christmas this year! Happy holidays, everyone!

Yes, I am still the most handsome babe.


  1. Goodness Ezra is so cute! I never doubted that you and Carl would have such a precious baby, but he really is even more precious than I imagined! We should be around in WY for a while so maybe we can meet up in January sometime.

  2. Ezra is very cute!!! Love the picture of him on his belly!

  3. I can't believe Ezra is FIVE months now! I'm learning time goes much quicker when you have a baby in the house. I love Ezra's chubby legs. So cute!