Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Don't mind the scratch under his eye. He enjoys torturing himself when he's tired/upset/bored
Well, here is the handsome chubster- isn't he adorable? I know I shouldn't feel so prideful, but I feel my head swelling larger and larger every time a stranger comes up to me to tell me I have one of the cutest babies they have ever seen. This is a frequent event so you can only imagine the size of my head, right? He is half a year old. 6 months. oh em gee. Could he really have once been a tiny little fetus floating around my belly?!

Here are his stats:
weight: 18 lbs, 12.5 oz. (just a few ounces from 19 lbs!!!)
~ 75th %
height: 25 3/4" (kind of short, but what do you expect from a short mom and dad? a giant?)
~ 25th %
head circ.: 45 cm
~ 75th to 90th %
When he wears disposables (which is when we travel), he is in Size 4's. He's got a ghetto booty. Speaking of diapers, we are still cloth diapering and going strong!

Here are some more cute pictures of this babe:

I really adore this kid. He makes me smile everyday even when he complains because he's so dang cute! He is such roly poly and when I say roly poly I am referring both to his Michelin Man rolls and how well he can roll around now. He gets into everything and can scoot backwards really well. I watch him try and try to crawl, but he has not suceeded in that yet. I am sure he will crawl in at least a month or two though!

We started solids in the last week and it sure has been fun. We are trying out a method called Baby-Led Weaning (BLW). Basically you start babies off with finger foods like roasted sweet potato or steamed broccoli instead of using purees. The idea is you teach your baby to chew and swallow instead of just learning to swallow first. It also encourages babies to have choice in how much they want to eat and how soon they want to wean from an exclusive breastmilk (or formula) diet.

I am definitely not against purees and have nothing against people who start with purees. Just had to put that out there.

BLW has been a success thus far (according to his diapers) and a lot of fun watching his funny expressions when trying out a new food.

Have a great day everyone. I know I will! Carl and I are going to the temple tonight and Ezra is going to the sitters.  As much as I love this kid, a little break is going to be amazing.


  1. Tracy, your baby is growing so fast. You need let me know how much you love cloth diaper I was really thinking about using it but don't know much about it and not sure is that worth to switch.

  2. Ezra is a way cute kid! Even my husband thinks so, and it takes alot for him to think a baby, other than Landen, is cute (sadly). You guys did good! And I am impressed that you are still cloth diapering! Maybe I'll consider it on my next...has it been really challenging? Do you wish you would have gone disposable instead? Is it really worth it? I'd love to hear your thoughts now that you've been doing it for awhile.

  3. Mei! I'm so glad you finally posted--twice! I'm lovin' Ezra's big brown eyes & cute smile! I miss you all a bunch and am so glad you're going to be closer to CA =)

  4. He is a cutie! crazy to think how time flies! We just started into the cloth too, we havent fully made the transition cuz i am still trying to work out a laundry routine, but it really isnt as bad as i feared, thanks for all the previous suggestions you've made, it has been so nice to not have to worry about buying diapers all the time!

  5. Thanks everyone! We sure love this kiddo :)

    Christy and Rachel, I'll have to do a blog update about cloth diapering to give y'all the details and how it is going. It is totally worth the switch if you're trying to save money and though disposables are very convenient, I think I'd stay with cloth regardless of economical reasons.

    Whitney, I'm so glad you're getting the hang of it all. Your babe is SO darling! Cloth diapering really has a learning curve to overcome in the beginning. I don't even think about it now, but I remember trying to figure out a routine when I first started.