Thursday, February 10, 2011

we live!

I promise, we are alive and well, just prioritizing life over blogging. What a shame, isn't it? There are some days I just want to quit school and play with Ezra all the day long, making fun crafty things and baking while he naps. Oh what fun that would be! No interpreting what case study patients may have developed overnight or what certain lab values indicate when someone has intracranial pressure! Papers? No way, forget all about those long papers analyzing patient care. I would just have my days wide open to play, play, play, and then Carl would come home to amazing gourmet meals and a sparkling clean home. A home that is decorated and looks like an Ikea or Pottery Barn catalog. And always smells of sugar and spice and all things nice. And birds would sing songs by the windows and deer would eat apples out of my hands and we would be gazillionaires!!!!

Ok that quickly became some wild Disney-esque dream (or nightmare).

Fact is, this is life and I am living it. And believe it or not, I am also enjoying it! I'm going to have a Bachelor's in Nursing in four semesters! It's longer than what I planned back in the day when I was pretty sure I'd conquer the world, but hey, I'm 22, so really, is there a rush? School is tough with a baby, but it is definitely possible. Today, while I was reading through a case study, I noticed it was too quiet, so I looked over my shoulder and Ezra had pulled out half of the tissues in the tissue box! He cracks me up with how curious he is about everything.  He is just so smart and loves to study his surroundings. He's got his army crawl down pretty well too! I love that kid :)

Anyway, if you didn't take a moment to see when I posted this, it's almost 1 AM. I am such a rebel. A party girl. WooooOOOOoooo. Right, I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ezra. I think he was almost 3 months. It makes me laugh every time I see his face! He looks like an old man hahaha. A cute little potato.

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  1. He is cute. I didn't know that you were doing school still. That is awesome. It defiantly is do-able. We do need to hang out sometime though. Maybe we could get together on a Sunday night and have dinner?!