Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh how time sneaks by.

Truly. Time is a sneaky thing. While the days seem to take forever, how often do weeks just fly by?!

Tomorrow we are packing up our trailer (yes, OUR trailer because we bought it for a fabulous deal, courtesy of Carl's former boss, Mikey- thought I'd drop his name in case he ever stalks our blog and knows that we are indeed very grateful that we didn't have to shell out money towards a rental). The day after that at approximately 9:40 AM, Ezra and I will board our plane to Portland, OR while Carl gets the rotten end of the deal by driving there over the next 14 hours or so. Please keep him in your thoughts (prayers, good vibes if prayer isn't your thing, etc) because I seriously have separation anxiety with him. My imagination is a gazillion times more creative and dangerous.

This will be our eighth move. That is correct, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. How in the world did this happen to us in our almost three year marriage? Well, let me tell you:

So we met here:

After going to CA to get married, heading to OR for our second reception, we packed up and left for Silver Springs, MD (outside of our nation's capitol) - Move 1:

Being goobs in front of the capitol building
Then we came back here - Move 2:

Then we spent a bitter summer mostly apart, but eventually reunited in Grand Prairie, TX (right outside of Dallas) - Move 3:

Go Rangers!

Then back here again - Move 4:

We graduated and came to Overland Park, KS (city outside of Kansas City, MO/KS) - Move 5:

I couldn't find a picture that really culminated our Kansas experience, so here was our apartment complex
 Hello, we return to Grand Prairie, TX for two months - Move 6:

Texas State Fair in front of "Big Tex" - creepy, right?
 Time to leave, here we are in Provo, UT now (for one more day) - Move 7:

Arches National Park, Moab, UT

And y'all know how the story continues on to our eighth move.

If you know me, I really do enjoy the change of scenery after living somewhere for about 5-8 months, but at the same time, it would be nice to be in one place long enough to make friends. At least we're moving closer to family because they can't ditch us when we move again haha.

I probably haven't mentioned this, but the reason we are moving is because we spent all our money in Vegas a few weeks ago on the slot machines and poker games. I'm so kidding! I hope you didn't believe that. We really want to be closer to family while we make the transition to getting Carl into grad school and Carl's parents offered up their home for this transition period. It'll be nice not having a rental agreement to try to sell before the contract is over (which we've done at the three apartments we've lived in while at BYU-I). 

Carl is planning to get his master's in clinical perfusion (sometimes referred to as cardiovascular perfusion as well).  This is basically the guy who runs the heart-lung machine during open-heart surgery.  They do other important things too, but I don't feel like listing those things :) The school he is hoping to get into is UNMC of Omaha, NE (Omaha-ha-ha. Who knew we would CHOOSE to live there?!).

Ok, enough about this move. Tomorrow I will also be putting myself through oral torture by having my dentist finish the rest of my fillings (a total of 9 and a partial crown over two appointments)- Aunt Carol and Paulon, if you read this, you'd be so proud of me- I've been flossing everyday!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why, thank you! I agree!

Yes, has a new face (banner) created by the one and only ME! So we are very excited to announce that we will be moving to Oregon in about two weeks!

courtesy of my drawing- can I tell you that it is hard to draw with a laptop mouse?
 It is a sudden announcement, but we've planned this for several months now- we just tried to keep this in the hush so that Carl's work didn't know (so sneaky). BUT, Carl gave his two weeks notice last week and now we are freeeeeee to tell everyone and their mom! We will be moving in with Carl's parents, which I am so excited about! Do you remember this post about how exciting that there are wild blackberry plants growing like weeds in Oregon?! That's just one thing that I'm stoked for. I'm so happy to be closer to family especially!!

We recently took family pictures (see banner). Ezra was hardly cooperative, but oh well, it's not like I paid anyone to set our camera on top of several plastic tubs (in effort to create a makeshift tripod). Here are the few that turned out:

he's so handsome :)

And just because this was too funny:

Um. Awkward?

I have blog posts in mind, but my to-do list consists of packing, selling stuff, and of course, school. I hope to post again before moving!