Sunday, August 14, 2011

For the sake of my poor sister

Dear Shnooks, I am sorry that I have neglected my motherly duties of keeping you posted on Ezra's growth and cuteness. Here are different posts I promised to update on months ago:

Ezra's First Birthday

It was a success. Party goers came, Ezra was happy, he smashed the cake like it was his life calling, and then we took off to Seattle that night and enjoyed a little day trip there. Here are pictures to prove he turned one and we went to Seattle:

yum. my first mini smash cake!

I love that he touched the frosting with one finger and tasted it. cutest. thing. ever.
the cake really did not stand a chance.
Our happy family!

so concerned haha!

One of the games we played. Put Ezra in order from newborn to 11 months!

Fairly self-explanatory. There were 557 cheerios, by the way.

Isn't she just like sleeping beauty in child-form?!

Pretty ladies :)
Now, a party is not complete until a pinata is included...


Run, Carl, Run!

Even Carl- er, Ezra- joined the fun!

Remember young Sleeping Beauty? I LOVE the drama in her face here. This picture cracks me up. A circle of children, possibly debating candy theft or cutting in line for hitting the pinata :)
I love the fierce look in all the kids' faces when they're about to whack the pinata!

Even some adults join in the candy picking!

Grandma and the birthday boy! His head is so bulbous sometimes :)
And of course presents!

birthday success!

outside our motel

on the ferry headed towards seattle

seattle :)
That's it Shnooks, I'll update another day.

... hopefully before we move to WI.

much love,
 mei :)


  1. Oh, I love this!!!! Thank you =) I feel inspired to scrapbook now, hehe. I saw a bunch of photos of Mama & Auntie Millie's visit--looks like you guys had a blast! I miss you all so much (espcially little Ezra.. ha!)! Okay, well, I suppose I should get back to work...

  2. Oh Tracey! you captured the party beautifully! I can't help but CRACK UP at the pictures of Audrey ... seriously, awesome. I'm gonna miss you when you move! I wish we could've gotten together more :( You are super sweet and I love your personality!

    oh, and p.s. you are an AMAZING photographer! Why did I not figure this out BEFORE the day you were moving?!? dang. I needed to use your skillz for some updates of my kiddos. ah well.

  3. Shnooks, you should feel inspired to create a BLOG soon ;)

    Laura, thanks! You are too kind :) I would have LOVED to take pictures of your family! I owe Joe and Amanda some too haha.