Sunday, August 14, 2011


We went to a nearby flower field at the end of July and had a mini photoshoot. Ezra is so dang handsome :)

such a dreamer

I would love to give you stats for Ezra's growth, but I've been slacking and haven't measured or weighed him since he was 11 months...

However, he can:
- WALK! In the past 3 weeks, he's gone from crawling 90% of the time to walking everywhere. Prior to that, he did not have the confidence to walk, but now he is pro. I put him in some shoes today so that he could get used to having them on his feet now.
- wave hello. He's been doing that for a few months, but I never really announced it.
- clap. he enjoys a good round of applause every so often.
- he says mama and dada, but that's about it. I don't speak baby very well, but he's semi fluent in adult, so it works out.

I swear, this kid has some big brains. I'm blown away by his intelligence everyday. If he can't open something, he'll grab my hand and place it on the object/thing he knows can open. He has this toy that plays music and he'll press the button until it goes to his favorite song!

Ezra is a very patient baby. I love how observant he is and how quick he learns. He makes me smile everyday! He and his dad are best friends and they love to wrestle and chase each other around. Anyway, this past year has been a big year of learning and growth for more than Ezra- becoming a parent is such milestone in a person's life. Learning to parent is another story, but the experience has been good and one that I wouldn't trade for a thing.

This will likely be my last post until we are in WI. In about a week, we will be on our way to Shorewood, WI, our new home for the next 18-20 months. This will be the longest place we've lived at since getting married in 2008! I'm nervous, but mostly excited. Can't wait to start our journey!


  1. Hey Tracey, I think we only met one time at Cody and Cherie's house but I just happened to stumble upon your blog and thought I'd leave a little note. Your family is so cute! Good luck in Wisconsin!

  2. Hey! Thank you, you are so sweet! I just peeked over to your blog and perused through your posts- I love your BBQ sauce art work and secretly dream of going to culinary school sometimes too haha!