Friday, September 23, 2011


i can't show you my whole face since i have a zit on my nose and look like a bum. notice my hair has grown though!

Between moving, unpacking, and taking care of Ezra, I have been feeling so frazzled lately. I hardly do my hair ever (and Midwest humidity has not been kind), I put on makeup for church, I get overwhelmed by the mess of unpacking, and I'm just so easily frustrated! So starting today (and I tried to start tomorrow, but decided change is needed now, not later), I will:

  1. Put make-up on and do my hair so I don't look like I'm wearing a wig
  2. Dress for success and not for lounging (which doesn't mean I have to be uncomfortable
  3. Eat three meals- and no, a diet of cheese and coco puffs do not count (you wouldn't believe how few calories I consume)
  4. Continue unpacking, but only a little at a time so I don't get whelmed
  5. Read the scriptures (what a difference this makes on my daily outlook)
  6. Make a list of crafts and do it! Crafting is such an outlet.
  7. Decorate our home slowly
  8. Be happy. I have a great life and a great family. Yet- it's easy to forget.
I may not accomplish everything on this list every single day, but I will try! We just bought a second car, so I don't have cabin fever nearly as bad now that I have the freedom to venture out of our apartment if I feel like it. We also did proper grocery shopping today! So our cupboards and fridge are full of good food. Being students, we qualified for FoodShare (food stamps) which I was initially a little embarrassed to admit, but now I don't really care because a) we are tax-paying citizens going to school and contributing to our society, b) it is such a blessing to have our groceries paid for, and c) why in the world do I need to be embarrassed to not rack up even more student loans? Carl, Ezra, and I are also on the government health insurance (if you are a student, chances are your state offers health care for the whole family if income is limited or zero- check it out!), receive WIC, and have applied to subsidized housing, where rent will be $0/month (hopefully we get in this spring!). I know some people look down on government assistance, and perhaps I once did a long while ago, but if it's properly used (and I know it isn't always), it is such a burden reliever. I filled my kitchen up with good, healthy food today. Our fridge has never been this full- it's great!

Getting off my soapbox and moving on- Ezra is cute as ever and loves, loves, loves to run around and get into things he's not supposed to (thank goodness for child safety locks that are even hard for me to open).
  • He is obsessed with the tv show Backyardigans ("we're yoooouuuur backyard friends, the Backyaaaardigans!").
  • He sleeps for about 10-11 hours per night, which is fantastic- he does cry sometimes, but falls back to sleep, so that's nice.
  • He is a short little guy still (and probably always) but everyone always seems to think he is big. I'm not sure why, he just looks sturdy I suppose.
  • He is so determined and loves to climb anything he can get a leg up on. That little leg stretches far!
  • What a smarty. I can't get over his brilliance and cuteness :)
just for memory's sake

newborn ezra. so dang cute, right?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We are here, we have been here for almost three weeks, and are halfway settled in. Carl started school last week, and we've been watching a lot of 24 when Ezra goes to bed at night.

Aside from school and watching 24, I feel so busy everyday. We go out almost every morning to take care of our mega to-do list we made prior to moving and today, we finally tackled all of the crucial things. We've been going to bed by 10 pm frequently too. I feel so old.

The move out here went fairly smoothly. I'm so glad we took a break halfway through the 2200 mile journey to see our friends, the Robersons, in their new home in the middle of nowhere (haha, wouldn't you agree guys?). It was a lovely break and they took care of us for a whole day and then some. So kind :) (PS- Shea and Katy, I keep trying to comment on your blog, but I keep getting denied because it says my account doesn't have access... what does that even mean??)

Our new ward out here is absolutely fantastic. So inviting, so sweet. Moving a ton can be difficult, especially when we don't have family nearby, but I think having our church everywhere we've been has made it so much easier over the past three years. It really helps to have something firm and consistent wherever you go, and the Church is just that. It's the same everywhere we are whether in Utah or Maryland :)

I wish I wasn't feeling so lazy right now because then I'd search for a cute picture of Ezra to post. But, that will need to be another day... for today, it will be words only.

have a lovely day!