Monday, November 7, 2011


I purposely spelled "hola" as "holo." I have been saying "holo" to Carl since we first watched MegaMind. So holo, guys :)

Wisconsin has been great! I am so excited that we are comfortable here. We have slowly, but surely, been making friends who are wonderful, wonderul people and most happen to have young kidlets who don't mind the company of Ezra. Our apartment is comfortable and becoming more "homey" everyday (especially since we hung up our pictures finally and have a candied caramel prailines scent swirling around the kitchen and living room everyday). We also got a bookshelf, which has been nice to sort through clutter. I won't comment much on the random tub of pencils, pens, paper, and random hiding in our closet still... but aside from that, we are settled! Our home sweet home for at least the next 15 months :)

(I know it would be fitting to post pictures of our apartment, but that would require me to actually take some... so maybe this weekend?)

This pregnancy has been fairly easy so far. I can't believe I'm already 18 weeks! Here is my latest ultrasound at 17 weeks, 4 days:

do you see the litle open mouth? awwww

We had the opportunity to find out the gender and... we didn't. Ah! It was such a challenge to turn away from the screen. I asked the tech if she knew what the gender was and I think to save me from the temptation, she said she tried not to look and pay attention :) Eek! But after the appointment, I was over the anxiety and feel stoked again  about a delivery room surprise baby.

Speaking of babies, my niece was born this past Saturday! We are thrilled to be an aunt and uncle again to miss Rylee Michelle! Mom and baby are well (and mom looked fantastic after birth!)

courtesy of facebook :)

April seems so far and close. It's so hard to imagine having two babies! Fortunately Ezra will be a little older by then and my due date is landing on the Monday of Carl's spring break. How convenient, yes?

Have a great day, everyone!

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