Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Last Post For the Year

Wow, it sure has been an incredible year! I have no idea what 2012 has in store for us, most likely good stuff. Ha! I am really looking forward to each year Carl and I spend together- we will have been married for 4 years this April! So much older and wiser these days. Just kidding, we are like newlyweds everyday. Except we have Ezra. and another on the way!

November and December have been SO HECTIC. Oh man, crafting Christmas presents must begin much much earlier than Fall. For the men in Carl's family (and Drew, my soon-to-be-brother-in-law :), we made ties and for the women (and Shnooks) I made purses. My parents' Christmas present was foiled by my poor planning on one-hour photos NOT printing 11x14 photographs. So they will get their present in April when my mom comes to Milwaukee. Woot. For the kidlets, Rylee got a personalized fuzzy blanket, Ellie got fuzzy slippers, and Ben got some magnetic fish and fishing pole.

I wish I got a picture of everything, but I failed when I was rushing like a mad woman to get gifts completed and mailed off. Here are a few pictures of the giftings:

5 of the 6 purses

Ben's fishies

Personalized labels for the purses and ties. Hard to read?
This is easier :)
 While in CA, I REALLY wanted to take some family pictures, especially of the Lockwood clan. My parents, sister, and I have not had a good family picture since I was in junior high (ok, there were a few decent ones at my wedding, but I was in a fancy wedding dress). So, for my parents, the plan was to snap some great family photos, print them at a one hour photo location, and then modge podge them to two 11x14 canvases to make it appear like they are pricey gallery-wrapped canvases. Well, the pictures got taken aaaaaand... we were leaving too soon afterwards. So the canvases were brought back to WI and now I've edited the photos for them to be printed soon. Yippee! Here are the two to be printed for my parents:

Yay! Our growing family!

Finally, a family photo!

 I'll admit, the 3:00 pm sun was not our friend. Not only are we extra glowy and shadowy, but my sister and I hardly look half asian anymore. Even my dad looks of asian descent haha. I also got to have a little family picture of Carl, Ezra, and I taken (and baby bump too).

Favorite boys :) Plus Ezra is doing his famous cheeser face :)

Christmas was so enjoyable this year. It was low key, exactly what Carl and I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed crafting presents for everyone too- I really got to think about each person when thinking of gifts (ok, the guys were gypped with the identical ties I suppose). I had fun, but like I said before, I'm starting WAAAAAAY earlier next year if I decide to craft again for gifts.

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2012 be even better if possible :)


  1. Cute pictures and purses! What pattern did you use! You're looking great by the way...all cute and prego with a nice warm glow!

  2. I LOVE THE PURSES! and your family pics turned out great!

  3. Thanks! Katy, I was inspired from a pinterest finding:

    I didn't end up really using it though- I added more pleats, used one strap, different inside pocket... this pattern idea is a good base to make your own purse though!