Monday, December 24, 2012

Good Tidings!

For those who's emails I don't have, here is our Christmas Newsletter and Card!


December 24, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

Another Christmas, another year- yes, it’s that time of year that your random relative, favorite child, old roommate, or new acquaintance mails you a picture and newsletter! Well, e-mail in our instance.

We are doing well all the way out here in Wisconsin! SO many changes have occurred since we’ve moved out here – as easy as it is for me to write a book about our life in just the past 14 months we’ve been here, I’ll save you the saga, and share a little about each of us.

We moved out here initially because Carl was accepted to a cardiovascular perfusion program last year. We were both so excited to come out and start again on a new career path! However, as Carl continued in the program, he realized that due to his personable nature, spending the rest of his career inside an operating room just did not seem right. And I whole-heartedly agreed. So, though an extremely difficult decision, we decided to pull out of the program. Now, he has been fulfilling pre-requisites for physician assistant (PA) programs! What?! More school? Like I said, Carl is such a personable guy. And smart! We said, “why not?” I would just like to take a moment and brag- PA school is incredibly difficult to get in, let alone get an interview. Among 1,600 applicants, 300 receive interview offers and each school varies in the seats they have per program. That is why I am SO proud he has TWO interviews already lined up after the New Year! Way to go, Carl! We are praying school starts this year, but whatever it takes to get in is our current motto.  Whew! Now that that’s out of the way, Carl turned the ripe old age of 30 and has been ever so helpful at watching the kidlets while I rest after work. His favorite things are a good nights rest (every parent’s dream), opportunities to ride his bike or jog, a new pair of shoes, wrestling with Ezra, and watching a great action flick on his new 50” TV. Least favorite things: stinky rancid milk spit up from Vivienne on a fresh shirt that’s just been changed into and my blood curdling scream when I see a spider.

I, Tracey, have been doing quite well myself! I have been working in an emergency department as an RN for the past 10 months (minus six weeks of maternity leave) and I love it! I work nights and I must say, the patients who come in during the wee hours of the night continue to keep me entertained. I am so grateful to finally have nursing job I love and don’t want to pull my hair out while there! Besides work, I still enjoy sewing and cooking a good meal, though between kids and work, I find sleep consumes most of my time in-between.  My favorite things include hearing my babies laugh, chatting with Carl before bed, and a good chocolate dessert. My least favorite things include my detest for this mullet hair I have due to trying to grow it out this upcoming year, trying to come up with dinner when I don’t meal plan, and having Ezra pull my hand and say “mess!” only to find that yes, there is cornstarch all over the living room and piano.

Ezra is now the ripe old age of TWO! 29 months to be exact. He is freakin’ hilarious! Finally, the chatting phase has arrived. He loves to ask questions, can count to 12, almost says his ABCs correctly (does “A B E E E F E” count?), and like his mother, enjoys singing, dancing to all music varieties, and anything involving music. Many who attended to Venegas wedding can testify of his awesome dance moves. Ezra has such a bright light in his eyes. Even strangers notice and stop to tell us! He is incredibly intelligent and a great problem solver. He is making great strides in potty training as well – I know how curious you all are about his current bowel and bladder patterns. A few of his current favorite things include covering himself with our couch pillows and hiding, finding pens and markers to draw anywhere, watching the Backyardigans, playing rough with Dad, and “helping Vivi” whenever possible. His least favorite things include naptime, being told “no” and coming inside after being outside.

Vivienne Chan Leder – what a doll baby! She is now NINE months! I can hardly believe her one year birthday is nearing! She makes the sweetest little baby sounds every day. She has been rolling around mostly to get to things, knows how to “army-crawl,” but prefers to scream and make us tote her around. We call her our little parrot for that very reason of constantly hanging on to one of our shoulders. Vivienne, or “Vivi” as we mostly call her, seems like she will be walking before she crawls as she loves to pull herself to standing anywhere she can clasp her little pincers onto. I say pincers because those ruthless little fingers will most definitely find their way to the most tender skin on your arm, your collarbone, and a few unspeakable places as well. She is following her brother’s footsteps in being a chunky little thang with the many fat bracelets up her arms and down her legs. I could nibble on her little round cheeks all day!  Favorites: being held all day, having mom-and-dad-time-ONLY, my phone, and playing with whatever Ezra has. Least favorites: being buckled in the car seat, not being held and walked around, and being forced to wear a diaper.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you continually remember the reason for this season and achieve all your resolutions by next Christmas ;)

Carl, Tracey, Ezra, and Vivienne 


Monday, November 12, 2012

I keep trying and trying

..but mostly failing to keep you all updated.

It's getting cold here now, but fortunately, we snapped a few pictures during the beautiful golden fall. I would have edited them, but frankly, I don't have time to do much other than eat, feed, clean, and sleep. Be grateful that there are thirty-something pictures in this post :)

 mmmm. leaf.

 silly daddy.

Another fall day for pictures:

 she did not like the bright the sun.
 neither did Ezra really.

 LOVE his blinky face and copycat nature. He loves copying us, especially Carl.

 my babies!
 This was the closest we got to everyone looking at the camera...
 And this is how we felt.

 look at Ezra's mouth!
 And, if you've ever tried to take family pictures without a photographer (maybe even with), this sums it up.

Quite the challenge, I tell ya, quite the challenge...

We are doing well. The kid's have runny noses, so I have been the nose wiper all day. Yuck. They are dressed and ready for the day, and I, well, I am in my pajama's and could really use a shower. Work for me has been great, especially since I had a week off to get my ACLS certification. Call me if you need to be defibrillated. Just kidding, go to the hospital. Carl is in a three week class, so the kids have been having fun going over to one of our friend's house to play while I sleep at home when I get off of work.

I would really like to set aside time for great posts about each babe and carl, but time has been going so much more quickly than I can imagine. Please send me naggy texts, emails, and calls if you really want more hahaha because my motivation is slim to none.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shout Out to Carlo Janka

My favorite picture of us :)

Side note: I've been calling Carl "Carlo" since the 2010 Winter Olympics after some skier named, you guessed, Carlo Janka. He makes me happy. Carlo Leder. Not Janka.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Attempt x 5 to post

I have now tried to post 5 times with mobile posting. I will figure this out. Original post:

I'm giving blogger a shot via mobile posting...

As you have noticed, this blog has been a little lonely the past few months. It's a cycle I can't seem to break with blogging, as much as I love it and especially love sharing news about our family with all those who care and are interested in our lives.

The babies are doing very well. Growing too quickly, of course. Vivienne is now 17 lbs and about to start solids in a week. Yikes! Ezra is communicating so well with us these days- so many words!!

We are alive and well, just chuggin' along each day. I have so many posts to update on. I just deactivated my Facebook account yesterday in hopes to focus more on everything else- spiritual things, the family, the home, even blogging. It has been such a distraction and I'm really addicted to checking it out everyday. Really. Every. Single. Day. Now that's it's off and not single click away from reading about my 500 friends' lives, I'm able to be just a little more productive. That doesn't stop me from pinning on pinterest and looking atadorable photos on instagram though. Oh well, little by little.

More updates to come, photos for now:

Monday, June 11, 2012

BABIES their truest form- just about naked.

lazy sunday, just watchin' Beethoven

Vivienne: "tiiiiiimbeeeer!"

Ezra: "who is on me?!"

E: "too close, too close!" V: "bwahaha"

E: "Off, I say, off!" V "haha!"

my beautiful babies :)


"Look! It's my foot!"

New favorite of Vivi

Look at those sweet baby puckery lips! Love my babes

Sorry, no update, I have been sleeping, eating, working, working out, and spending all the extra time in between soaking up family time and the nice weather :)