Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seriously 10 weeks to go?

As many of you readers are also loyal facebook friends, you will probably have noticed I posted a very pregnant-looking picture of myself this week. Take a moment and notice the difference between 30 weeks with Ezra and 30 weeks with this babe:

 I am carrying out much more this time and my back and pelvis feel every bit of it. However, thanks to my maternity belt purchase, it hasn't been too bad as long as I get adequate rest each night (which Carl has allowed me to get by letting me sleep in almost everyday :)

We had fun taking pictures on Sunday after dinner. I love my little [growing] family!

he's like an asian carl, right?!

love love love that we are making the same face

just needed to showcase the brown eyes he inherited from me :)

YARG!!! We tend to say this at dinner time with forks, but he's happy to say it with blocks too

Being "soft" to the baby

he surprised me by giving the baby a kiss too!


And the who's the goober now?

happy day!

ps- i'll be reporting on Carl's juicing halfway mark tomorrow on our other blog. woot.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A jumble of thoughts

I used to think "preggo brain" was a fake symptom. Maybe more of an excuse. I'm sorry if that is offensive, but it just seemed fake.

Until this pregnancy. I swear, I have said to Carl or myself "what was I doing again?" or "why am I looking in here?" more than I can even come close to counting. Or those random spurts of forgetfulness where I have somewhere to go and I have reminders on my phone and paper calendar and I still manage to not remember until I look at the clock, ask myself "am I supposed to do something right now?" and then frantically scramble out the door. It must be karma for having it too easy the first time.

I have been blogging up a storm on my crafty blog lately! It's been fun. I hope to add a few more crafty projects on top of the tasty experiments. And hopefully some interesting nursing experiences in the ER!

Speaking of ER, I start orientation in a little over a week! It's all classroom lectures the first week, but I am still so excited! Also very nervous for once I'm in the ER... what if someone codes?! And I'm still bummed about orientation being during the day- I'll miss my boys too much! But the rest will be nice :)

Ezra has been booming since my last update about him- he says a lot more words now and will try to repeat more often! He is so funny! He loves to tickle me or pretend to give me a toy car only to take it away quickly and cackle mischieviously as he runs off, convincing me that my only option is to chase after him. He also loves to give out kisses to us every night (usually. sometimes a bad mood will deny us kisses) and I like to demand kisses and hugs during the day because they are so sweet- this is usually 50/50. He'll firmly tell me NO if I ask too frequently.

Anyway, it is bedtime for the parents now, so enjoy my thoughts and the pictures below:

he automatically does the "cheeser" face for pictures now. I can hardly ever record a video without him holding this face for the first 10 seconds haha

I can't tell who he looks like more! Anyway, we thought this outfit was hilarious. We deemed him the country hunting bumpkin. His crocs are even camo!

a little blurry, but still handsome :)

crazy hair day!

If you ever need to buy toddler/kids shoes, payless shoes are the way to go. So cheap and great quality!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The other one.

I finally updated my other blog with some reviews on treats as well as Carl's new diet action plan. Check it out!


Have a great day. I can hardly believe tomorrow is Saturday already!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Good To Be a Mom

In the last two days, there have been two articles floating around facebook and I could not resist helping them float.

The first article was funny. I'll admit that the author's use of "Carpe Diem" is a little off- I mean, really? Don't Seize the Day? But I really loved the general message and that she was willing to be blatantly honest (something I've always been and dinged for haha :) and admit that motherhood is a challenge and it is completely normal to be frustrated some days. Sometimes we need 10 minutes to recompose ourselves, other times it's a date night. It was a breath of fresh air, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it tickled me more because I used to always have all these people who would tell me to not cook, clean, wash dishes, etc and just hold Ezra all. day. long. Riiiiiiiight. On many occasions, I choose playing over chores, but isn't a clean house and cooking a decent dinner for the whole family refreshing?

The second article was just plain sweet. I thought it was just an extra sweet version of the first article and so kind to new moms. She says it plain and clear- being a mom (or parent really) is hard work, especially for the first child. Being a new mom is a whole new reality that you can never imagine and it is so normal to be tired, confused, and even frustrated with the unknown and new. It helps me to appreciate even more all the stages of life I will encounter in the near future.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, former member of the quorum of 12 shared a general conference address that I think hits home with everyone. The title, Come What May, and Love It. The title says it all and is something Carl and I have adopted into our family. Sometimes things just happen and you can be mad about them or you can just choose to let it go, maybe even roll your eyes, laugh, and move on. It's good to remember that saying. We don't have cherish every single moment that ever was, but just take them for what they are, learn from them, and love the growth that comes from the outcome.

Being a parent has been a blessing and another trial that has brought Carl and I even closer :)

Have a fantastic day, everyone :) I started my day off preparing for my Sunday School lesson and drinking hot chocolate. I think water should have followed breakfast because I've been feeling mighty dry. Carl and I plan to have a nice relaxing day with Ezra and babe #2 (who seems very dissatisfied with the cramped quarters of the uterus hotel).

Friday, January 20, 2012


The title is pronounced "E" "R" which is announcing that I just got a job in the ER! Woohoo I am excited. It'll be a challenge, but so exciting and rewarding. Have I ever mentioned how grateful we are for my nursing degree? It has been a blessing in our family, especially in the last year!

Another announcement, Ezra's tree nut allergy panel results came back. This kid has a peanut, cashew, and almond allergy. Blah! I never thought he would be an allergy kid. So I scheduled an appointment with the referred allergist for more testing. Sigh. I hate that he will be poked and prodded and not know why.

While driving around today, Carl stepped into a Jimmy Johns. He came back smelling like a sandwich, so I told him he smelled so good I could take bite of him. I must be pregnant because I'm pretty sure there is nothing tremendously sexy about smelling like a toasted turkey sandwich.

It's been lightly dusting the last 8 hours. Welcome, winter.

Life is good :)

Just for old time sakes :) This was taken almost a year ago. I could nibble up those little fat rolls on his arms!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pregs and Stats

I know many of you have been craving a good plump picture of my belly. Don't mind the messy couch. It always looks like that.

EZRA! is 18 months old + a few days! He is one smarty and he knows it. Like I was saying last post, I would update you all on Mr. Mischievious:

  • Weight: 23 lbs, 14 oz (40%)
  • Height: 30 in (2%) - yes, that is the number two only. He's short and mighty- like his parents :)
  • Head Circ.: 49.5 cm (95%) - to hold his all-knowing, powerful, and brilliant brain of course!
No surprises on our side- we're happy to see consistent growth since his last appointment.

Ezra is such fun to have around. I'll never get over how smart he is. Not only are we, as parents, full of amazement, but strangers and acquaintances alike come up to us to point out his intelligence. It does make my head feel like it's in the 95th percentile or more often. He communicates with us so well despite having consistent small vocabulary of 6 words or so. A few notable developments:
  • He says "night-night" at bed time, still sleeping 11-12 hours a night (woot)
  • Loves to throw and kick all the toy balls we have here (he's been doing this for awhile, but I thought I should report it to his fans
  • LOVES the movie Tangled- Rapunzel is his girl friend
  • Eats with a spoon and fork at meals. Still working on the cup thing- he's been drinking from a cup forever it seems, just not very well on his own.
  • Has become the pickiest little eater that ever was. We frequently joke that Ezra has a hollow leg just for cheese.
  • Only takes one nap a day, usually for 2-3 hours (woot again)
  • Folds his hands/arms during prayer (usually only for the first 30 seconds only haha)
  • Still a music lover- this kid has got rhythm! I think he dances everyday at least.
He still has no idea who will be a permanent resident in April, but that's ok, I think he'll adjust well to having a little brother or sister :) I've been teaching him to be "gentle" and "soft" to my belly and saying "baby" when pointing to it, but he's also pet Carl's belly softly when Carl has mention "baby..." Kinda cute :)

On a bum note, we think he has food allergies to egg and peanut butter. He's broken out in mini hives in the past, so today, I painfully watched (and scolded a nurse for digging for a vein. whoops. mama bear escaped) Ezra get his blood drawn for a egg and tree nut allergy panel. He's also allergic to amoxycillin (which resulted in a systemic bright red rash in December). Boo! I guess even if you don't have a family history of food allergies, it still happens, especially if you do have a family history of asthma and eczema (weird) (carl and I both have family history of the latter- does anyone recall my condemned finger(s)?! haha).

After the pediatrician appointment, we went and toured the hospital I have now decided to deliver at. It's amazing. I love it. If you're ever delivering a baby in Milwaukee, go to the Columbia Center at Mequon. I promise you will not be disappointed. And I haven't even delivered there yet. I wish they would give me a dang job there! haha

Ok, that is all. The End.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haircuts and Snow

In honor of Ezra's half-birthday mark yesterday, we cut his hair earlier this week. Just kidding, we cut it because he has a bad case of fuzz head after sleeping or riding in his car seat. No lies, it was a pretty bittersweet moment for me. I'm not usually an extremely sentimental person when it comes to things like say, hair, but I was just a little sad when we clipped off his curls. His only curls. Which is is what gives him the bad case of fuzz head (not to mention the rat-tail/mullet look when we combed it all down).

Anyway, I didn't really want to keep any of the hair (Kim, it really did make me think about the black book and our locks of hair we enclosed on that particular page. Yuck! haha), so I turned to our digital age and will just have a nice digital documentation of the event: Ezra's First Haircut.

The Fuzz.

Ah, the cut.

Little curls... so tender... and off to the garbage they went.
Ezra did extremely well for such a wiggle worm. We just flipped on his favorite movie, Tangled (which he watches just about everyday. Both Carl and I have it just about memorized) and proceeded to cut cut cut. We only did end up cutting the neck and lower back of the head. His hair isn't bad up top, but no curlies either :(

I will update more on Ezra stats tomorrow, which is when he has his 18 month appointment!

In other news, the snow has arrived. I think. Apparently there is a major snow storm ahead, but so far, it has been consistently snowing ever so lightly starting late this morning. I'm a little tired of the warnings of the "great and terrible winter of Wisconsin" talk we've had since moving here, but I think this mild winter has caught even seasoned wisconsonians off guard. I'm a little excited now that the ground is white though! It'll get old when it lasts more than a week (I'm a California gal. Snow should be a vacation visit, not a lifestyle that lasts several months), but for now, it's exciting. Even Ezra is mesmerized by it.

View from our living room looking into the courtyard. Yes, those are Christmas lights and yes, we're keeping them in our window. We took the tree down at least! I love twinkly lights :)

He really is just so mesmerized by the snow!
All this snow talk makes me really think about our food storage and how well we are doing as well where we are really lacking (going to get gallons of water today!!!)... become more self-reliant today!
I am now 27+ weeks and feeling mighty round everyday. I just switched OBs and I have got to say, I will never just pick the closest OB again. My new doctor is absolutely fantastic! She listens and reads my chart and is laid back. Love it. I wish I could have had her last pregnancy! So my wisdom I am imparting is "always choose a doctor based on recommendation." Voila.

Have a wonderful day!

Thinking about chopping all my hair off again. Thoughts?