Friday, January 20, 2012


The title is pronounced "E" "R" which is announcing that I just got a job in the ER! Woohoo I am excited. It'll be a challenge, but so exciting and rewarding. Have I ever mentioned how grateful we are for my nursing degree? It has been a blessing in our family, especially in the last year!

Another announcement, Ezra's tree nut allergy panel results came back. This kid has a peanut, cashew, and almond allergy. Blah! I never thought he would be an allergy kid. So I scheduled an appointment with the referred allergist for more testing. Sigh. I hate that he will be poked and prodded and not know why.

While driving around today, Carl stepped into a Jimmy Johns. He came back smelling like a sandwich, so I told him he smelled so good I could take bite of him. I must be pregnant because I'm pretty sure there is nothing tremendously sexy about smelling like a toasted turkey sandwich.

It's been lightly dusting the last 8 hours. Welcome, winter.

Life is good :)

Just for old time sakes :) This was taken almost a year ago. I could nibble up those little fat rolls on his arms!


  1. Yay, yay, yaayyyy!! We are so excited for your job and not so excited about Ezra's new allergy status. Sad. We hope you're enjoying your little dusting!

  2. Congrats on the job, that is so exciting!!

  3. Sorry to hear about Ezra's allergy! When is your next appointment to find out more info?! You guys are going to do great at helping him with this and knowing exactly what to do! Congrats again on the job!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Katie, his next appt is on Feb. 6th and that will be mostly labs and meeting with the allergist to see what to do next. For now we just have to carry epi-pens just in case his reactions worsen. Thanks for your support!