Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haircuts and Snow

In honor of Ezra's half-birthday mark yesterday, we cut his hair earlier this week. Just kidding, we cut it because he has a bad case of fuzz head after sleeping or riding in his car seat. No lies, it was a pretty bittersweet moment for me. I'm not usually an extremely sentimental person when it comes to things like say, hair, but I was just a little sad when we clipped off his curls. His only curls. Which is is what gives him the bad case of fuzz head (not to mention the rat-tail/mullet look when we combed it all down).

Anyway, I didn't really want to keep any of the hair (Kim, it really did make me think about the black book and our locks of hair we enclosed on that particular page. Yuck! haha), so I turned to our digital age and will just have a nice digital documentation of the event: Ezra's First Haircut.

The Fuzz.

Ah, the cut.

Little curls... so tender... and off to the garbage they went.
Ezra did extremely well for such a wiggle worm. We just flipped on his favorite movie, Tangled (which he watches just about everyday. Both Carl and I have it just about memorized) and proceeded to cut cut cut. We only did end up cutting the neck and lower back of the head. His hair isn't bad up top, but no curlies either :(

I will update more on Ezra stats tomorrow, which is when he has his 18 month appointment!

In other news, the snow has arrived. I think. Apparently there is a major snow storm ahead, but so far, it has been consistently snowing ever so lightly starting late this morning. I'm a little tired of the warnings of the "great and terrible winter of Wisconsin" talk we've had since moving here, but I think this mild winter has caught even seasoned wisconsonians off guard. I'm a little excited now that the ground is white though! It'll get old when it lasts more than a week (I'm a California gal. Snow should be a vacation visit, not a lifestyle that lasts several months), but for now, it's exciting. Even Ezra is mesmerized by it.

View from our living room looking into the courtyard. Yes, those are Christmas lights and yes, we're keeping them in our window. We took the tree down at least! I love twinkly lights :)

He really is just so mesmerized by the snow!
All this snow talk makes me really think about our food storage and how well we are doing as well where we are really lacking (going to get gallons of water today!!!)... become more self-reliant today!
I am now 27+ weeks and feeling mighty round everyday. I just switched OBs and I have got to say, I will never just pick the closest OB again. My new doctor is absolutely fantastic! She listens and reads my chart and is laid back. Love it. I wish I could have had her last pregnancy! So my wisdom I am imparting is "always choose a doctor based on recommendation." Voila.

Have a wonderful day!

Thinking about chopping all my hair off again. Thoughts?

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  1. Chris and I did the same with Ellie's hair - just took a picture of the cute little pile of hair that got cut :) ... Ezra's such a cutie!