Saturday, January 28, 2012

A jumble of thoughts

I used to think "preggo brain" was a fake symptom. Maybe more of an excuse. I'm sorry if that is offensive, but it just seemed fake.

Until this pregnancy. I swear, I have said to Carl or myself "what was I doing again?" or "why am I looking in here?" more than I can even come close to counting. Or those random spurts of forgetfulness where I have somewhere to go and I have reminders on my phone and paper calendar and I still manage to not remember until I look at the clock, ask myself "am I supposed to do something right now?" and then frantically scramble out the door. It must be karma for having it too easy the first time.

I have been blogging up a storm on my crafty blog lately! It's been fun. I hope to add a few more crafty projects on top of the tasty experiments. And hopefully some interesting nursing experiences in the ER!

Speaking of ER, I start orientation in a little over a week! It's all classroom lectures the first week, but I am still so excited! Also very nervous for once I'm in the ER... what if someone codes?! And I'm still bummed about orientation being during the day- I'll miss my boys too much! But the rest will be nice :)

Ezra has been booming since my last update about him- he says a lot more words now and will try to repeat more often! He is so funny! He loves to tickle me or pretend to give me a toy car only to take it away quickly and cackle mischieviously as he runs off, convincing me that my only option is to chase after him. He also loves to give out kisses to us every night (usually. sometimes a bad mood will deny us kisses) and I like to demand kisses and hugs during the day because they are so sweet- this is usually 50/50. He'll firmly tell me NO if I ask too frequently.

Anyway, it is bedtime for the parents now, so enjoy my thoughts and the pictures below:

he automatically does the "cheeser" face for pictures now. I can hardly ever record a video without him holding this face for the first 10 seconds haha

I can't tell who he looks like more! Anyway, we thought this outfit was hilarious. We deemed him the country hunting bumpkin. His crocs are even camo!

a little blurry, but still handsome :)

crazy hair day!

If you ever need to buy toddler/kids shoes, payless shoes are the way to go. So cheap and great quality!


  1. First off, I am sorry about the commenting issue on our blog. Lots of people seem to have issues with it and the settings are all normal. I should look into that more. Secondly, pregnant brain is soooo real. I can't remember things I was told 5 seconds ago. Poor Shea has to answer my questions at least twice. Bless his heart for putting up with my mushy memory. It's also super bad when it comes to meeting new people because I forget their names so quickly. Ooops. Thirdly, I love his cheeser face! I can totally tell that Ezra is hilarious from these pictures! Hmmm...I wonder where he got that from? Couldn't be his hilarious parents. No, definitely not.

  2. I think Ezra and Landen would be good friends :) Everything you described Ezra doing, Landen has done (and still does) at some point. Too bad we live so far from each other :( Can't wait to hear about the ER experiences!

  3. Ah katy, you're great and we miss you guys!!!!

    rachel, I totally agree! Ezra and Landen would be best buds- Ezra is in desperate need of more friends to play with! Wish we were closer too :(

  4. Ezra is so cute! I love his "cheezer" face! And as for prgnancy brain... totally real! :)