Sunday, February 12, 2012

8 weeks 'til D-Day.

Scary to think that I only have 8 weeks (I'm 32 weeks tomorrow) until my official due date! We don't have anything ready this time. I mean anything. Names, outfits, bassinet, who will watch Ezra if I go into labor before 4/4/2012 (when my mama comes!), newborn diapers... yeah, nothing. I actually don't feel worried, but at the same time, we really need to pull things together haha. It's also amazing how little time we spend planning for something this life changing when we have a little guy already- last pregnancy, I went to school, gradutated, and then studied for the NCLEX... but any "down time" Carl and I had, we would talk about plans for Ezra's arrival. Oh well. It'll all work out- it always does :)

I'll be preparing a blog post soon with a contest regarding Babe #2's d-day and gender... exciting stuff!

look closely. he has a waterfall under his nose.

This poor guy has been battling a cold, possible ear infection (again), and possible teething (also again). I stayed home with him today instead of going to church because he was so miserable this morning. Poor babe. Doesn't he look so pitiful?

So out of it...

My first week of work was highly uneventful for the most part since it was all classroom lectures. However, I did get to go into the ER one day to shadow a tech. In that time, I saw a person come in after overdosing by swallowing a transdermal narcotic patch, a few chest pain complaints, lots of UTIs and bowel issues, and a few colds. Fairly eventful and I'm excited to actually do more nurse-related things this week!

Carl is doing well- he has been working hard on his hardcore juicing cleanse/diet. His hardwork is showing too! He has lost 7 lbs since he started about 15 days ago! Here are the posts if you're interested in reading about his progress:

Hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the illness monster!

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  1. Ellie is terribly sick too! I was up with her all night - I feel so bad for her and Ez! Hope Ezra gets better fast. Awesome about the ER! I would pay money to be a fly on the wall in there :) have fun! Can't wait for the baby #2 contest :)