Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Spy... a babe.

Or maybe a pair of creepy parents (stalkers)?

We updated our baby monitoring system to a video surveillance camera (literally surveillance- we bought a security camera. much better quality than a fancy video baby monitor and waaaay cheaper (check out amazon)). We watched Ezra fall asleep tonight.


  1. Now that's cool! I always want to check, but never want to risk waking up! This would be very handy... :)

  2. I just did a quick catch up on your blog! You look so amazing pregnant! I'm so jealous :/.

    Isn't it so great to be able to see your child without going in the room?! Do you just go online to look at your camera? Like on your phone? We have a video baby monitor and really LOVE it! We don't have smartphones so a surveillance camera wouldn't really work for us.

    Anyway, I'm glad you and your little family are doing good! Congrats on number two by the way ;)

  3. Stephanie- totally worth not waking Ezra! haha he's such a crab when we wake him from his peaceful slumbers.

    kim- thanks!! we can go online or use our phones (we're iphone crew- it also works on droids)

  4. Which model did you guys get? We've been wanting to switch to video instead of just sound (especially as Eloise gets older), but just barely started looking at video monitors...this seems like an awesome alternative. Especially with my iPhone right next to me at night anyway.