Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Prediction

title: self portrait. voila.

I know you are all so anxious to participate in this prediction challenge/wager/guess, especially since it's even more enticing with the potential of winning a delectable treat that will tickle you inside and out and change your life. Ok maybe it won't be that amazing of a treat, but I promise it will be tasty.

So here is the challenge:

Guess the gender (boy or girl?) and birthday (mm/dd/2012 - you can choose another year, but I guarantee you'll lose).

That's it. No time of day necessary (unless you want to), just the gender and day. I'm not going to be particular. You can choose the same day as someone else if that's your day that you're confident in. Let me know via this blog, email, or facebook. We'll keep track of the predictions :)

Prediction challenge closes at 37 weeks, which is 3/19/2012. Good luck, you have 4 weeks to decide.

Don't mind me, just being goofy.

Here are some extra tid-bits to help you choose a day and gender:
- My due date (40 weeks) is 4/9/2012, which is also my nephew's birthday!
- I'm just about 33 weeks now and have gained about 25 lbs.
- Ezra was due 7/14/2011 but came on 7/11/2011 at around 4 am after 14 hours of real labor
- This babe has been SO active. I definitely first felt it move at 14-15 weeks and it's been a wiggle worm since.
- My belly is really pointy. With Ezra, it was round.
- My belly button also popped out this time.
- I had a linea negra (dark line on my belly) with Ezra. This time I don't.
- My sacrum and hips have been aching for weeks. maybe months.
- I didn't have acne in my first trimester
- Tums are some of my closest friends
- Nausea lasted for the first two trimesters, but I never did throw up
- I don't wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Ok I didn't have to include that, but now you know.

"Look, hon! My belly button is inside out!" Carl and I were having too much fun...


  1. Girl on 04/10/12
    Girl- because everyone else is having girls and having one of each would be fun :)

  2. Shea's guess: 4/6/12 and a boy
    Katy's guess: 4/1/12 and a girl
    Loreli's guess: a girl (she doesn't know dates yet)

    Oh and yes we did make her guess. We put out a pink highlighter and a blue one and then had her pick one. She was right on when we had her do it for us months ago! We'll see if she's right.

  3. I think it is going to be a girl born the 12th! Jason thinks it will be a boy on the 10th.

  4. I'm gonna guess a boy on 4/4/12 :)

  5. It's going to be a girl on 4/7/12 because that would be a really cool present for my 25th birthday.

  6. I say GIRL (I'm biased towards girls right now), and birth date of 04/08/12 (4-8-12 - awesome birthday, multiples of four!)

  7. Carl's Guess:
    March 22nd and I'm guessing its gonna be a BOY!!

  8. March 31st, and its gonna be a boy! -Cody

    April 5th, and its gonna be a boy!

    Not on my birthday and it better be a boy.

  9. I say it will be on March 21 and it will be a baby! OK, it will be a girl.

  10. Cathy - boy on 4-7-12
    Good luck! you look so beautiful and happy. It does not matter what you have boy or girl. You already have One bundle of perfection and no matter what the sex you will soon have two perfect little bundles.