Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm back.

I've purposely neglected this blog the last few weeks because a) I wanted to soak up every little bit of family time I had before going back to work, which happens to be tonight, b) I had parental and sibling visits galore, c) the house needed much attention after said visits, and d) why would I blog when my babies are growing up before my very eyes?!

So much to update on, but I really don't want to take up a ginormous chunk of time typing. All my babies (including the big one named Carl) are napping, so here is an update:


Glorious little Vivienne. What a dolly. She is such a night owl from 10 pm to midnight every night and is a champion eater. She has almost doubled her birth weight! She went from the 25th percentile at two weeks old to 75th at her one month appointment (she is now almost 11 lbs!). Following her big brother's lead :) I am just amazed at how fast she has grown- 6+ weeks already. Ahhh babies. I love her brown hair, her newborn grey eyes, her sweet puckery lips, and chubby little hammies. I could give her kisses all day.


Oh my firstborn, what a handsome little man he has become. He is so smart and constantly amazes us. He is finally choosing to use words and has even used two word sentences! He knows his "please's" and "thank you's," purposely gets into trouble so that we chase him around the house, loves kiss attacks, loves to watch and chase the cottontail bunnies in our courtyard, and is very helpful around the house. He will throw tantrums here and there, but Carl and I have learned that his tantrums are more for us to learn patience and grow as parents than for Ezra to learn not to throw them. It's a phase that he will out grow soon enough. He is such a daddy's boy! Some of his favorite and inappropriate things Carl has taught him is to say "Eat it!", "Bite it", and "ca-ca" hahaha. What a boy.


tired. happy. sometimes edgy and borderline crazy (that one might just be me). Recovery has pretty much been amazing and miraculous this time. I even got mastitis twice- bleh! But even then, I have been able to physically do so much more than with Ezra. The body is amazing. Carl has been fantastically helpful. I think I would die from just being overwhelmed if he didn't help at all. He just about changes every diaper during the night while I groggily get out of bed to feed Vivienne and frequently makes me breakfast or lunch. sometimes even dinner haha.

 I go back to work tonight and I feel so bittersweet about it all. I am just so grateful that I will be going back on night shift so that I have the peace of mind that my family is sleeping (or eating) while I am away. Ezra will wake up in the morning as I come in through the doors. It will be as if I stepped out to get the mail or do the laundry. I am eager to get my skills back up and going and to continue to learn learn learn. I really love my job as a nurse.

one of my favorites of Viv and me. 3 weeks old
little girly

my boys

many more updates to come, for now, this will have to do :)