Thursday, September 20, 2012

Attempt x 5 to post

I have now tried to post 5 times with mobile posting. I will figure this out. Original post:

I'm giving blogger a shot via mobile posting...

As you have noticed, this blog has been a little lonely the past few months. It's a cycle I can't seem to break with blogging, as much as I love it and especially love sharing news about our family with all those who care and are interested in our lives.

The babies are doing very well. Growing too quickly, of course. Vivienne is now 17 lbs and about to start solids in a week. Yikes! Ezra is communicating so well with us these days- so many words!!

We are alive and well, just chuggin' along each day. I have so many posts to update on. I just deactivated my Facebook account yesterday in hopes to focus more on everything else- spiritual things, the family, the home, even blogging. It has been such a distraction and I'm really addicted to checking it out everyday. Really. Every. Single. Day. Now that's it's off and not single click away from reading about my 500 friends' lives, I'm able to be just a little more productive. That doesn't stop me from pinning on pinterest and looking atadorable photos on instagram though. Oh well, little by little.

More updates to come, photos for now:

1 comment:

  1. 1. I love it when you bloggity blog! Hooray!
    2. While I support your reasoning for deactivating your Facebook account, I will miss stalking you on there!
    3. I love your super short hair. I need to cut mine too much and you are making me what to take off feet rather than inches with your cuteness.
    4. Vivivivivi! She is so cute I can barely stand it. I want her and Natalie to be best friends.
    5. I love you.