Sunday, June 2, 2013

... *shame*

I feel it. The shame. I know the last post was two months ago.

Moving on,

there has been good change in the Leder household:

1) Carl started PA school two weeks ago! He has already been cutting open cadavers and diving into his books. I've hardly seen him! 27 months is going to be a LONG time... but I'm excited for this adventure!

2) I cut back on hours at work. When I say "cut back," I mean I have gone from working three 12 hour shifts/week to 16 hours/MONTH. Yes, one-six, every 4 weeks. I have been off for a few weeks and the transition has been strange. I've realized that I've gotten out of the "stay-at-home" mom routine and the first three days were surprisingly difficult- I usually have Carl around to help with one baby while I tackle the other, but learning to handle two toddlers has been quite the challenge! I have faith that I'll be a super mom soon (please be true please be true).

3) We will be moving this month! Moving to a smaller apartment, but much cheaper on the budget. I'm actually excited to move. One of my pet peeves is stuff. Things. Itty bitty toys. We have condensed a lot of our belongings, but the purge has only just begun. In the next few months, I really hope to have a lot less clutter in our home. An upcoming big project is converting all our paper documents into digital ones. Whew, that will be a hefty one.


I hope to make a greater appearance in blogging this year. This past year has been incredibly busy, but rewarding in many ways. We have been on quite the rollercoaster (and if you know me, I really dislike literal roller coasters. This metaphorical one has been, well, full of ups and downs :) My mother was here visiting this past week. I loved having her here. I always feel like a child again, so it's like having her visit four little kids whenever she comes. Excited to see her and my dad in July!

As with all my posts, I know you mostly just want to see pictures of the kids. I don't have any of myself or Carlo, I promise we're not hiding because we've gained 200 lbs each.

christmas 2012
oh you guessed it, miss vivienne's one year birthday celebreation. mini chocolate carrot cake and all.

and like every parent's dream, she was not hesitant to dive in

and dive in did she!

mmmm cake!

easter 2013

our attempt to get a cute sibling pic. Viv was not interested in sitting still!
this kid loves peeps. 

enjoying an easter goodie
these were our "easter baskets"- my attempt to copy traditions I didn't grow up with. 

And I've been terrible at taking pictures with my nice cam since Easter. My phone is full of blurry pics, but... they're on my phone. Another project to embark in the coming weeks!


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  1. I'm so glad you're updating this thing again! Now that you have more time, I'm going to hold you to it! I love how Vivi licked all the frosting from the cake and Ezra's Peep face =) Love & miss you guys!