Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Three Week Journey: Oregon Edition

You read it, we went on a three week trip! 10 days in Oregon, 6 days in Hawaii, and 5 more in Oregon. Woah. And you know what? We actually weren't too burned out by the end of the trip nor did we get sick of family (haha!)

First,10 days in Oregon

We endured two sleepless, eye-burning flights with two very upset children, but we arrived just in time for lunch with almost all of Carl's immediate family! So good to be visiting after moving away two years ago. We spent several days visiting the grandparents, riding four-wheelers around the property, and enjoying the warm Oregon summer- the sun was out, it hardly rained, and we weren't drowning on dry land from the humidity. It was gorgeous.

We joined forces with the siblings (you were missed, Chris and Katie!) and parents again a few days later and went camping near the coast for two days. I guess I'm a weenie now because that was hard with two kids. While it was fun to be with everyone and chat, catch up, we were happy to be sleeping in a bed upon our return. I'm quite a poor historian when it comes to taking pictures- I think it has something to do with paying attention to kids and making sure they don't walk off with strangers or run into traffic..

The following days were spent relaxing and preparing for HAWAII! The man and I were nervous. I could not imagine ditching our poor children and going off to paradise. Would it still be paradise without my children? Could I still have any fun? Was this going to be an amazing experience? To all those questions, you betcha.

*** hawaii for 6 nights coming up this week***

Upon our return from Oahu, we had 5 days left in Oregon. We decided to rent a car so that we could have a little more independence for the remainder of our trip. We didn't do too much in the last few days, but really, our whole trip was meant for a visit to all the family we've been missing while off in Wisconsin. I loved meeting my nieces, Rylee and Evelyn. I loved seeing my nephew, Benjamin, all grown up into toddlerhood, running around and going on mischievous adventures with Ezra. I loved playing pinochle late into the night and being on the same team as my mother in-law so that we could gang up on our spouses. I loved seeing my sibling in-laws in all their new stages of life of being parents, race runners, and students again- so proud of each of their accomplishments!

It was wonderful to visit and have so many visitors. We got to see most of Carl's aunts and uncles (including a big bear hug and punch in the shoulder from Uncle Doug), we took turns napping, and Carl didn't touch any school work the whole time- a few small regrets when he started school the following Monday, but nothing to cry about.

Oregon, you have always been good to me and you did not fail again. Looking forward to another adventure!
signage like this always cracks me up. "ahhh!"

all photos taken by tracey

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  1. Tracey, I found a USB drive that I believe is yours (I googled your name, nursing and Oregon) it references a Sister Lisa Brasher and there seems to be discussions about family assessments. If you would like it back just let me know where to drop it off.
    my name is Patrick and my number is 503 442-8452.
    Have a nice day