Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bucket List Series: #1

I've always had a list (aka bucket list) of things I wanted to do through out my short life- some of these things have been on the list since I was a young teenager, others have developed as I've matured (HA! matured. riiiight.), but nonetheless, I have had an ever-growing list of things I want to do, so I thought it would be fun to do a weekly series where my list will grow each week as you learn more about me. The list is in no particular order, just ideas and plans I've collected. If you thought I was boring, well, I'm pretty sure this list will prove you wrong. If you have always thought I was adventurous, then I'm quite sure this list will prove me to be crazy. Enjoy!


1. I want to have short, hot pink hair 

Oh yes, it is true. This has been on the list since I watched one of those TLC makeover shows and the hair stylist had a blue pixie cut. I loved it when I was 14 and I still love it at 25. But in pink. Hot pink.

images found on google images:

It's not that I haven't been brave enough to do it, I just haven't found the right timing to have pink hair. I'm pretty sure my folks would have been quite upset if I did it in high school, I couldn't while attending college due to our school's policy, and I've always had assignments in my church where I am around younger children, such as now- I teach young girls churchy lessons. I certainly don't think it would be a bad example to have pink hair, but I also don't want to be the one imposing on other's parenting rules. 

How does it look? Windows Paint, you have never failed me in the last 15 years:


I'm not a particularly outspoken, wild person when you first meet me nor do I ever go full out cray-cray on many, but Carl will testify to you that my desire for pink hair is fitting. Excited to do this one day when I cut my hair short again!


  1. I say to it Tracey! Better to do it now then when you're 65 years old when it has a chance to come off as you looking loopy. Do it girl!

    1. Would you be upset if Lorelei's nursery/sunbeam teacher had crazy hair and Lorelei asked you if she could have hair like that?? That's my main concern!

  2. She would still do it at 65! Guaranteed!