Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bucket List Series: #2

continuing from last's week list, I present the number two:

1. I want to have short, hot pink hair

2. I want to have a real deal white girl's african weave/braids

I enjoyed this gal's guide to white girl braids
What is it with hair? I don't know. I suppose since I'll never have permanent tattoos or crazy ear piercings, I'll change the one thing that will always (hopefully) grow back: my hair. I had a gym teacher when I was in jr. high who had braids and they were cool. That point on, forever engraved in my brain, I needed to have braided hair some day.

Why haven't I done it? It's actually really expensive! And honestly, I have never been brave enough to walk into a salon that says "WE DO AFRICAN BRAIDING" because I don't want to be turned down and awkwardly walk away and cry that I can't cross this off my bucket list. Fortunately, this may be the Year of the Braid because I found a lovely lady in church who may be willing to put up with my crazy ideas.

Of course I had to come up with something for you to see what I would look like:

thanks to for their free online almost-photoshop program
Bet you didn't see that coming! I was even a little surprised at how well I was able to blend my white skin to african skin tones.

May this be the Year of the Braid!

and so that you can laugh your butt off, here's what the picture looked like before all the blending:


  1. I love your bucket list! Do it girl! And I love the non-blended photo...hilarious!

    1. Isn't it great?! I felt so funny pasting my face on that lady..