Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Girl.

always so full of curiosity. 9/2013

I have been wanting to take the time to highlight my children. This blog, after all, is mostly for my dear family and friends to stay connected to us while we are living a few time zones apart.

Vivienne Chan is the most beautiful, adorable, loving, sassiest, and fearless little girl you will ever meet. She surprises us daily and is such a comedian.

At 18 months, she has an unbelievable vocabulary. She will repeat everything- our little parrot as we call her. As of her 18 month appointment a few weeks ago, she astonished us and the pediatrician when we counted 50+ words she uses daily. Vivi (her nickname) will acknowledge what you say by saying things like "hmm?" or "mm-hmm." I think it makes her seem more advanced than she really is since you could say "do you like it when it rains pistachio pudding?" and she'll reply with her brows raised "mm-hmm." But it's still adorable, nonetheless.

She loves her brother more than us I think. She loves to follow Ezra, bring him his toys and shoes, and is always looking for him if he's not next to her. Of course, like any sibling (and toddler) she enjoys picking on him and biting his arm or back when she doesn't get her way. Ouch. Sassy. Ezra says "Vivvvv" in an exasperated tone frequently when she picks off his plate or dumps her bowl raisins on the ground. It is hilarious. I can picture him saying it through the years, especially as a tween.

Vivienne has been growing steadily and is in the 30th percentile in weight and 20 something percentile in height. She does have an umbilical hernia since her birth and at her last appointment, the pediatrician identified a heart murmur. Nothing of concern yet, just keeping an eye on both until her 2 year appointment. I'm always happy to hear my children are overall healthy.

She has been getting cute little curls in her hair like Ezra did at her age. Love those sweet little curls. I'm loving the fact that she will wear little colored rubber bands or clips in her hair now too! She also still has that darling dimple on her left cheek. I love that dimple. I love seeing her develop from infancy to toddlerhood. She has always had this sneaky little smile since she was 6 or 7 months old where she scrunched her nose when she giggled and laughed. She still does it now and will also glare when angry or pucker her lips like I do when we feel slightly disappointed or unsure of a situation.

I love my little mini-me!

taking a drink, 9/2013


  1. I love these updates! your children are so super adorable. Miss you guys!