Sunday, October 6, 2013

Westward Ho! Again.

I have been loving this weekend! The LDS Church holds two conferences every six months and this is THE weekend. If you have the chance and would like to listen/watch some uplifting talks, well, check it out!

Back to the original post,

Two weeks after leaving Oregon, the children and I came to California for 10 days. You may be wondering why Carl did not accompany me on this trek. Well, it was not by choice, but since he is an over-time student (get it? he eats, breaths, lives in PA school thus making him greater than full-time), he was unable to join. I will save the traveling-with-toddlers for my next post as it was an interesting experience...

I came to California was because it was Grandpa Lockwood's 90th birthday! Grandpa is a wonderful man. He grew up during the Great Depression, is a WWII veteran, has an amazing memory, and I always loved hearing him tell me about his life. While he tells a story about his life, it is so simply stated and yet so full of detail. It was so wonderful to come celebrate in person for this huge milestone! I also loved visiting with my dear one and only sister, my brother in law, my parents of course, and my sister from anotha' mister, Steph. Good times, everyone, good times.

visiting a nearby park
down, down, down
top: grandpa (dad) trying to show ezra some tricks. Good effort! bottom: father and son

bonding with grandchildren
chaotically trying to take a picture of grandpa and the great grand babies. note: my dad's furry arm. also note: shnooks, I'm sorry your eye has a weird shadow over it.
Somehow I managed to take more pictures of Vivienne. Oh well, it evens out the previous 2 years before Vivi was born ;)

And now for some eye candy:
the new bay bridge, SF

capturing the beauty of my mom's exotic garden she takes such good care of

And how could I resist snapping a picture of dumb things teenagers vandalize and say?

California, you will always have my heart.


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  2.'s another attempt to comment since it deleted my last one.

    Yaay for a fun trip! I am excited to see the next post about traveling with kids since I did the same thing a few months back. Lets just say that double jogger strollers don't fit through the rat maze that is security.

    1. Oy, a double wide jogger would be horrible going through security! I had a hard time steering our sit n stand XL... which is why I sold it when I got home haha!