Monday, November 4, 2013

Belated Halloween Recap

I love how Vivienne is covered in chocolate. We weren't even at the party for more than 10 minutes yet.

That's right, we all had mullets. Awesome.

Thanks Robbins family for the great family picture!
Our family costume for our ward "carnival" came to me earlier in October as I was scouring Amazon for random things (I love amazon, ok?). Mullet wigs popped up on one of my "You may like these also:" links and I thought to myself, why yes, yes I do like that mullet. So I worked on getting mullets for all of us. Vivienne actually has a clip on hair piece in the back though you can't see it. So fun.

my little lion and bunny
As seen on Instagram, I did take the kids trick or treating. I didn't really want to explain mullets to strangers or perhaps they would assume my children just have crazy hair.. but either way, I threw together a quick simple costume with stuff we already had. Since it is so cold already (ok, 45 degrees is cold enough for kids at least), I only had to make sure they had something on their heads. We had to go to a neighboring city to trick or treat on the 31st, but it was fun and worth it to me. They loved saying trick or treat and ringing doorbells. I was impressed with the amount of candy they scored in just the 6-7 houses I took them to! We don't really keep candy in the house, so they basically inhaled as many suckers, kit kats, and crunch bars as they could. It was a holiday, right?! I personally scrubbed their teeth before bedtime :)

Is it ok that I'm too lazy to upload any more pictures off my camera? Ok thanks.

Halloween aside, Carl, Vivi, and I all have gross chest colds with accompanying hacking coughs. Yeah, gross. I am so ready to be done with this cold and it has only been a day! 


  1. Aaaaaahhh. Oh the memories. I remember the time........ Well you know..

  2. I feel like they give out SO much candy these days. Ellie got 2 bucket fulls! I also scrubbed her teeth like crazy before bed :) We hardly ever have candy either so it was a big treat that she got to eat some... and she loved it! Love your costumes... creative and funny! Glad you guys had fun!