Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bucket List Series: #3

I know you've been eager to see what other crazy things I want to do

1. I want to have short, hot pink hair

2. I want to have a real deal white girl's african weave/braids

3. I want to speak Spanish fluently as a family

Ok, this definitely isn't that crazy. I am so eager to learn more languages! I used to want to speak French fluently (and someday I will), but when I met Carl, the Spanish language was suddenly so much more romantic and meaningful to me. As many of you know, Carl lived in Spain for two years serving a mission for our church and speaks Spanish fluently (and the best sounding Spanish comes from Spain, might I add ;)

Fortunately, I've picked up enough Spanish to be about where I was at French. Huzzah! Unfortunately, it actually isn't very much. Bummer. BUT I am confident that we will all communicate in Spanish someday! One of the ways I'm hoping to encourage us all to practice more is to enroll Ezra into the Spanish-immersion school here when he starts K-4 in Fall 2014 (yikes, school already?? more on that in another post...). Side note: for those of you unfamiliar with K-4, as I was when I moved to Milwaukee, it is essentially pre-kindergarten/pre-school for four year olds. It is part of the public school systems, though many private schools have also included it in their schools as well.

Other ways I am practicing is using my Duolingo app on my iPhone. It is simple and frankly, quite awesome. If you don't have any Latin-based foreign language background, it may be a tad more challenging, but it is such a great review for me! I also try to talk to Carl using basic Spanish, such as que hora es? (what time is it) and Cómo se dice "[object]" en español? He tries to challenge me often and some days I respond well communicating as much as I can and other days I just say "I don't know what you're saying!! Yarg!!" Yes, yarg included.

Do you have any languages you are determined to learn? I must say, on top of Spanish, I want to learn Mandarin, French, and Sign. But baby steps and Spanish is priority :)

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