Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bucket List Series: #4

1. I want to have short, hot pink hair

2. I want to have a real deal white girl's african weave/braids

3. I want to speak Spanish fluently as a family

4. I want to live in an Airstream trailer

love. courtesy of

Carl and I would love to buy a large piece of property some day. We're talking several acres and then some. My hope is that we get to live in this camper (with our 2, maybe 3 kids by then) for a few years while we save up to build up our home. If we can't buy property, then I just want to live in it for a few years while we hunt for a home we want. I love the idea of small/simple living. We try to incorporate it in our home as much as we can, but it's hard when we started out with the love of lots of storage and places to hoard our memorabilia and tokens of our past and present. An Airstream trailer would be ultimate small living for me. Not familiar with small spaces? Check out this great video of a studio apartment in NYC.

Oh yes, I want this to be a project. I definitely don't want something moldy from the 70's:

Craigslist, you never fail at finding old and moldy.

Feeling inspired by these remodeled Airstream gems:

I'm not sure what draws me to an Airstream trailer specifically. Perhaps it reminds me of my love for vintage, perhaps the challenge of a good DIY project, I'm not sure, but I am fascinated by this little world of Airstream love and I want in! Plus, Carl's on board with my crazy ideas, so it'll be that much more fun :)

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