Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Take a look

I love reading Wikipedia. I can sift through one page, click on another link on that page, and then another, and learn in about 30 minutes how Frida Kahlo became such a popular artist and had many affairs . True story. I did that Sunday night. Carl has had to drag me away from the computer or take my phone away from me before when I get too caught up reading. Especially the tragic stuff. Oh the tragic stuff. I can get caught up reading about little obscure wars I never heard of growing up for 1-2 hours. However, most of the time, I only spend 10 minutes or so "educating" myself. Yesterday, Google highlighted Shakuntala Devi, who was also known as the "human calculator." She was quite a phenomenal human and I cannot believe I never heard of her! I highly recommend this quick Wiki-read if you are interested in learning about a fascinating woman.

- One more Halloween recap: healthy candy. "I threw up" "You threw up, ok." SO FUNNY!

- I love this photo-illustration series

- Easy DIY polka-dot tights. Seriously, too easy- why have I never thought of this??

- a chart on winter. Ha! This is for Toronto, but for me, it applies to Milwaukee and Rexburg :)

- Heard of the facial growing frenzy this month, but don't know the difference between Movember and No-Shave November (there is a difference!)? Well this post clarifies fairly well! Carl is getting a little furry this month :)

- mystery flavored dum-dums REVEALED!!!

The awful cold seems to be finally leaving the Leder home. It just makes me want to stay indoors and ward off any visitors with garlic and crosses. Just kidding. We love company and the poor kids have been dying to interact with their friends. Here's to hoping for a healthy winter!

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