Monday, January 20, 2014

Porter Allen

We were so incredibly lucky to have been in Oregon at the same time my newest nephew was born. One of the hardest parts of being alone in the middle of the country is missing out on seeing my nieces and nephews (family, we love you, but come on, BABIES!!). I have nephew I haven't met yet and a niece I only held when she was six weeks old. There is a hole in my heart waiting to be filled up with you guys, Noah and Ellie!! So to be able to snuggle a brand new nephew was like a dream! My sister in law was a champion in her long labor and the outcome was an adorable little boy, Porter:

We got to visit in the evening the day he was born:

Then again a day or two later:

And again the day before we left!

Catie and the nephew

It was so wonderful!!! Also, photographing without much natural light was a new photography challenge to me. It seems like no matter how high my ISO is and how steady my hand is, I can't capture a crisp photo. Thank goodness for photo editing, otherwise everyone would look jaundiced.


  1. So sweet! My sister just had her little boy this week and named him Porter. Crazy thing was my family had just been discussing that we haven't ever met another Porter and then I saw this post. Crazy I tell ya. Craaaazzzzy.