Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Holiday Trip of 2013

I don't know why we keep convincing ourselves 3 week trips are a great idea, but we just can't resist! Maybe it's dreary, cold Wisconsin, maybe it's Carl's intense and slave-to-education semesters, or perhaps we just miss our families so much. I'm pretty sure it's the last one. While Carl and I are no strangers to living away from family, it doesn't mean we are not close to them. We love visiting (especially if nieces and nephews are there!) and catching up. Part of me wants to jump ship and move back to the West coast ASAP, yet I continue to long for adventure, explore new places, and really just soak up the time we have living as a young family with few commitments.

Our trip began the day after Carl's semester ended. Not the best idea I've ever had, but in my defense, we were originally going to California only. Then my mother-in-law had to have the brilliant idea of sharing some of her airline miles with us so that we could also fly to Oregon. Gosh, parents and their love for their children grandchildren. As Carl loves to say, "do bears crap in the woods?" Yes. We are definitely going to Oregon! It was so worth the extra two and half weeks of travel.

While in California, we enjoyed my mom feeding us her amazing home cooked foods with a special sprinkle of Alice Magic. We also got to see my sister and her husband quite a few times! I especially enjoyed being treated to a day in SF, eating at all sorts of local foodie joints and watching the kiddos play at the little park. I love the city. Ideally my family and I will live downtown somewhere for a year someday. That's how much I love it. After a year, I'll get tired of the crowded dirty place and say adios! Hahaha...

Carl even lucked out one day and spent the whole day at Lake Tahoe, snowboarding his heart out with our brother-in-law (sister's husband. Andrew. Drew.)- he was pretty proud that he still "had it" after 5+ years without snowboarding.

Onto the favorite part of posts- pictures:
having fun with Uncle Johnson
 of course they had to take turns

that mouth! reminds me of my dad :)
a closer look. I miss his longer hair!
feasting on our early christmas dinner
bff, steph <3 td="">
cousin Sonia + her main squeeze
the party crew!
taco tongues!
Lovely visit as always, looking forward to visiting again in March!

holding her new puppy from YeeYee and Uncle Drew :)

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