Sunday, February 9, 2014

picture update from CA trip

I took a moment and wallowed in my 2 foot self-pity pool for a few minutes this evening as I reflected on how few pictures I took in 2013. Moments gone forever! Why didn't I immortalize that day a year ago when Vivienne was barely walking? I have such a nice camera... why didn't I use it??

Oh wait. Perhaps I did take pictures. Sure they weren't on my fancy DSLR, but I did take pictures on my phone! And so began my growing joy as I realized I took almost 1500 pictures on my phone in 2013. Huzzah!  There were many gems to be found, plenty of laughs from screen shots of hilarious text messages of mine or selfies of Ezra, and best of all- memories captured in fairly decent quality photos. I am at peace once again.

I wanted to just share a few more photos from our December CA trip. I promise I will get to Oregon documentation soon, but not tonight. Soon.


nothing an iPhone and couple of books can't cure... for a toddler..

tired. exhausted

vivs getting her nails done by aunt carol

grandpa (my daddy) and grandpa sunny

 pretty stoked about the cars and truck trailer from yee yee and uncle drew!

likewise about the puppy dog!

the new(ish) bridge
 having some fun with grandpa. love this first one!

one of my favorite pictures!!

crashed out at the airport the evening we headed to Oregon!

And just because I went through a couple hundred pictures for 2013, here is one that melted me. How she's grown!!

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  1. I wish (and I'm seriously serious) that I didn't take as many pictures as I do! I EASILY take 1500 pictures a month (I'm not even going to try to lie... I know that it's way more than that). It's just so overwhelming because I don't know what to do with them all! I want each one printed and in a scrapbook but it's just not going to happen. I need to stop the pictures taking madness... but I can't! I just can't! Haha :) Great blog post though - glad you guys had fun!