Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day of March, So About Valentine's...

March has been a busy month of traveling! The kids and I went to Californa again (pictures to come) and then upon return, approximately two weeks later we went to Florida to see my brother/sister-in-law and niece and nephew! Pictures to also come regarding FL... We just got back this last Friday and have been playing catch up with the house and Carl's school.

Before I let another week go by, I wanted to share some pictures of Valentine's day! This is how I roll- posting about V-day 1 1/2 months later.

I bought the children and Carl some electric toothbrushes and a few little treats- nothing fancy, my kind of gifting. They seemed pleased, I was pleased, sweet. Carl and I also bought these awesome nesting bowls:

Carl was in school for most of the day, so after I came back from the gym, the kids and so dear friends came over to decorate cookies eat frosting for a little bit. It was fun! And surprisingly not terribly messy- I have an aversion to messy activities.

just a little cookie with the frosting

cookie pile!
v-day lunch
Carl came home and he had mentioned that he had a date planned out for us earlier in the week, so I was looking forward to dolling up. When the sitter came over, BAM- there it was, secret spilled: I overheard him talking about breakfast plans for the kids.

I was very surprised. We have never left the kids with anybody but family! But we love these two sisters that frequently watch the kiddos and so I was at ease. It was one night only, anyway.

So we started by being foodies and trying some local fancy eats. Let me just add now that Carl and I are not fancy. We ordered steak tartare and were surprised to find a plate of raw ground steak looking back at us. Mooooooo it echoed as we tried a bite (only one bite for me). It was ok though, it made a delicious scramble in the morning (ha!)

We then drove to the Pfister, a fancy hotel and had some late night appetizers at the lounge while listening to a pianist serenade us with his beautiful tunes. In the morning, free in-room breakfast was provided, so we ordered everything. Salmon and a cream cheese bagel was one of the items, only the salmon was raw. What the heck is with fancy people and raw food?! Just cook your dang meats, ya crazies. No worries, I broiled it when I got home and had it with crackers.

carl even took the time to make a slideshow of the last 6 years with our song (this magic moment by Jay and the Americans) playing in the background! This is my lame picture post-slideshow.
The pleased wife!
the happy couple!
breakfast time!
the spread
nom nom nom.

After breakfast, we decided to run home and grab the kiddos to go swimming at the pool! That was definitely one of my favorite highlights. My kids just LOVE the water! Very opposite of me, but a very Leder-esque quality :)

sound of music plays in my mind every time I look at this picture!
view of the Lake from the pool!
So besides my really lame gift to Carl (c'mon, who can beat a surprise getaway?!), Valentine's was amazing and so wonderful to be able to just talk and dream about our future and reminisce about our past. Love you, Carlo!
snagged this pic of the art museum on the way home. gorgeous day!

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