Thursday, April 10, 2014

Warming right up.

4th of July 2013
 Is anyone else extremely excited for summer? I am. I cannot wait for the sun, warmth, bike rides, water play, and happiness that is associated with being outside! I get the worst winter blues and as I've complained previously, this winter has been the worst. Stopping at that. Look at the next few days:

While Monday is not ideal, I'm still quite pleased with the lack of snow and freezing temperatures we had been experiencing. We don't have any summer plans so far for Carl's 3 week break in August. We have toyed with the idea of camping across the Midwest heading West for 2 weeks so that we can visit family. But, that seems overwhelming with the kids and a lot to plan. Other possible plans are:

- hold a multi-family garage sale to get rid of crap (our junk, your treasure!)
- visit some more of the East/South, like Tennessee, Kentucky, DC and NYC. Perhaps the Carolinas. We are not sure when or if we will ever be this close to the East again and there are states to be visited!
- stay home. Requires no planning and just being a homebody, enjoying local eats and events.

After this summer, Carl will begin his clinical portion of PA school! It's exciting to only have a year of school from that point on. I can't believe the school years are coming to an end. Speaking of school, exciting news for me.... *drumroll*

I just registered to finally finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) online with BYU-I! I have four nursing classes and one non-nursing course- it will only take three semesters! So technically, I will graduate at the same time as Carl ha! I started it with BYU-I shortly after graduating AND having Ezra, but I deferred because I was trying so hard to find a job and moving all around was tough too. While it was a bit disappointing to stop, I'm glad I did because I gained valuable experience in my professional career while not having to sacrifice much family time. It's been even tougher trying to decide when to go back to school though. I'll tell you this- it does not get easier as the years go by. I have been an RN for 4 years now and there hasn't really been a "perfect" time to return. I think if we didn't have any plans to have any more babies, then I would have waited until both kids were in school, but we don't plan to stop at two :)

Moving on, we have more future planning in the works- I promise to get around sharing one of these days. As for now, I'm going to enjoy this "heat wave!"

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