Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Two weeks ago, my day started off lovely. It was a Thursday and Ezra was just starting to feel better and the weather was cheery, so we went on a walk:

See, shorts, romper, outside. Nice. 

We walked back to our apartment where, without any notice, I felt quite ill and feverish. So I spilled my guts, curled up on the couch and pitifully begged Carl to come home from studying his finals to watch the kids who were gorging themselves with chips and endless amounts of movies. For a day it seemed as if my sore throat would be tolerable and that the illness symptoms would be gone within a day or two. Lies, it stayed a week, improving by Monday evening. You see, the children kindly passed on Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease to me. By the way, this sounds way more disgusting and dangerous than it really is, but it's just a virus. A horrible one, but just a virus seen more commonly in children. 

Read here for more info and don't believe the part that says adults may not even get symptoms. Lies again. 

My symptoms included ulcer-like sores in my tonsils and throat, swollen hands and feet accompanied by "polka dots" as Ezra endearingly called them. 

Those hands are now peeling. Awesome. Nonetheless, I'm glad to be able to eat now and to be use my hands again, not to mention not feeling like a leper anymore.

On the bright side, I went to an urgent care on Mother's Day and I got hooked up with good drugs, including one called Magic Mouthwash. Serious. It was indeed magical. 

It's great to be back and healthy again. I'm toying with posting from my phone (not gonna lie, my thumb typing is pretty fast and amazing) more often. The picture qualities won't be as great but I think you will hear about our lives a bit more frequently. Until next time,