Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ezra starts (pre)school!

Right around my last post, we had made the decision to move back West to Oregon so that we could be closer to family, hence the 3 month hiatus. I can't promise I'm going to be a regular blogger this year as I have also just started working on my BSN degree again, but I will certainly try to catch up on important details of our life such as Ezra's birthday, moving (including all our stops along the way!), life in Oregon, and Ezra starting school.

Yeah! My boy just started pre-k on the 16th! I'm pretty excited because it is similar to where he was going to go in Wisconsin. I was so excited for him when he got accepted into the Spanish immersion program in Milwaukee and fairly bummed when I didn't think he'd be going to preschool, but then I came across the pre-k here and it's almost exactly the same- dual language, half day, 5 days a week. Ezra has looked forward to starting school for awhile now, but has felt shy right before going into the class and when I pick him up. His teacher says he's been great in class and participates in the lessons and activities, but he tells me "I'm shy right now" when I ask him about school (Katie L., he likes to say "I'm shy, just like Ellie." sometimes too! Cute :). We're just rollin' with it. Overall, he's loving it!

Anyway, he's in afternoon class so the morning before we left, we did a little photoshoot:

School?? say it ain't so, mama!

Will they let this pretty face in school?? please???!
hugging, I promise. NOT choking. hahaha

Mom, what do I do? I just decapitated Princess Jasmine...

Who does this cool dude look like? Pretty even split between Carl and I here.

I used to hate sibling kissy kiss pictures, but Vivi loves to smooch everyone on the lips. 

 And guess what, my first-day-of-school sign is fake. Maybe you could tell, maybe you couldn't.
Ma, why am I holding a picture of grandma case?

Hope to update more as we are getting fairly settled here. Plus we have a horse. What?!