Thursday, June 18, 2015

A few thoughts on this pregnancy

I am now 37-1/2 weeks along and I feel it everyday.  This might be my most complaint-filled pregnancy yet.  The past two pregnancies have been so comfortable overall, so now that I have experienced more of the typical pregnancy woes, I am more sympathetic to women who experience this every time.

So how does this pregnancy compare to my others then? Very different. I made a list:

1. Morning sickness.  It lasted the first half of the pregnancy and then some.  Never had it, hope I never do again.

2. Swelling.  I'd show you a picture of my feet, but you might barf, so I'll save you the horror.  I basically walk with little summer sausages instead of feet now.  Not so funny when you don't have shoes that fit anymore.

3. Joint pain. This goes with the swelling.  My fingers also are swollen, so I have not worn any rings for 2 or 3 months now. I didn't know swelling could cause so much pain in all my toes and knuckles.

4. Weight gain.  I've gained about 5 more pounds this pregnancy than my other two.

5. Stretch marks.  It was bound to happen at some point.  They are not too bad, but they are there!

6.  Cravings.  It's mostly under control now, but I went through several periods of wanting breakfast foods only (waffles, fried eggs, butter, butter, bacon, butter), then only southwest style foods (think ranch, cumin/chili, black beans, corn), and then cheeseburgers.  There was also the time I only wanted Quakers Oatmeal Squares cereal too.  Anything healthy? Not unless I wanted to puke.  Only in the last 2 months have I finally eaten a green salad.  Cravings are so strange.... I'm currently eating ice cream cones regularly.

7.  Baby movement.  Each pregnancy I think the baby kicks like crazy, but this time, I won't be surprised if I have twins. I get beat up inside hourly.

8.  Unable to walk sometimes.  Today was rough. Other days have been too.  Walking causes extreme pelvic and low back pain that I cannot manage to find relief for. Don't even suggest assisted lunges or animal yoga poses.  I have tried everything on Google. But by all means, let me know of a miracle move or drug of choice.

9. No left rib pain! This is nice as I had a rib slightly pulled out of place for Ezra and Vivi.  Yet, no amount of pillows provide relief for my hips/pelvis

10. Crowded bladder.  I used to be able to hold my pee for hours, pregnant or not. Now I have to wake up 1-2 times a night. TMI? Whatevs.

I know, I know, someone please call the Wahhhhhhhmbulance.  I feel better having written down my complaints.

I have been practicing my Hypnobabies almost every night for 18 weeks now.  I try not to scare myself by watching birthing videos.  The screaming in the videos haunt me! Especially when the videos are labeled "Gentle Birth with Hypnosis" and the mom is shrieking in pain during transition.  Not my definition of "gentle," thank you very much... Even though I had so much success with Vivienne, I can't help but feel worried as I anticipate labor and delivery again.  My doctor is awesome and so supportive of my birth plan.  I am opting not to have my membranes swept this time around.  Not sure if it even worked the last two times, but I'm just going to not have any kind of intervention done.  My doctor doesn't even believe in vaginal checks since studies have agreed that dilation/effacement aren't reliable indicators of impending labor- evidenced based practice right there, folks. It's true.  I walked around at 4-5 cm with Vivienne and was not in labor until a week later.

So what will this baby be?? I'm becoming more curious as the d-day nears.  For Ezra, I want a brother. For Vivi, I want a sister.  For me, I don't care.  I want a healthy baby and another easy and fast delivery.  Any guesses?  Strangers' favorite guesses are "Ooooohh you look like you're gonna have a boy! Because you know, boys carry more like this and girls are like that." Love the logic.

And for fun, here I am around 31-32 weeks with each baby! Ezra, Viv, #3
If only I did another selfie for the last picture haha.  


  1. Oh my! Brought back memories. I counted and I had 10 of 10 of the things on your list (except rib pain with one not the other). So I sympathize. It's hard - but as you know so very, very worth it!!! So excited for you guys and can't wait to hear the gender and name!

  2. It cut me off. And can't wait to see pictures! And I love the pics you posted. You're such a cute pregnant lady! :)