Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Family and Festivals

I am desperately trying to blog more, but the excuses keep piling up.  I CANNOT wait until July! Carl and I will be done with school and done with unnecessary amounts of busy work.  This week, I have finally reached term in this pregnancy.  It is very exciting to be at 37 weeks! I'm also kind of freaking out too as Carl leaves for Wisconsin tomorrow and won't return until late Friday evening. Crossing my fingers that the universe is on my side and this babe doesn't come until after he returns.

Anyway, enough about now, I have been planning on updating about my parents visit this last April. They came at the end of the month for a very short, but wonderful visit.  I loved having them here and I'm glad my little family has planted roots in the West coast once again. Sure, Oregon isn't California, but hey, someone pumps my gas for me and I don't have to pay sales tax.

The few pictures I took were at the annual Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. Because half of the tulips were dead as it was near the end of the festival, we all got in for $5! Still fun times :)

the kids thought the cow was the coolest part of the festival 

Stop and smell the... tulips

goober dipping and kissing a tulip

yes, my dad carries around an iPad and takes pictures with it because he's that cool! <3 i="">

sometimes they are just so awesome at posing for pictures- perks to having overly confident kids!

Viv aka "Muscles" Leder.  She toted Ezra around in that cart for quite the distance!

my beautiful babies!

I loved the visit and can't wait to see my parents again!

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