Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ready, Set, Go! ... now GO! ...and GO! C'mon....

I am 38 weeks and counting down still. I am trying to be optimistic that I will continue to never meet my due date, but at this point, I feel like like I will be pregnant forever haha. As with the previous three, I'm sharing all about my pregnancy likes and woes. I realize that i don't really blog anymore, but I love having these posts to look back on! I am not the greatest at recording memories or milestones, but I'm glad I can at least do this.

  1. Morning sickness was the pits for the first trimester. However, it lasted only until the first trimester ended! It was not easy working in a smelly ED at that time haha. Zofran was a good friend for several weeks... 
  2. Weight gain. I've gained more this time than any other- I think I'm at 40-45 lbs gained total. I had lot more water weight with Teddy (remember my nasty ankles?!) so I felt like I looked bigger. 
  3. Woe is my low back and hips again!! Darn sciatic pain. My hips are so loose and sleeping is definitely not comfortable. My mattress is way better than the ones I slept on during the previous pregnancies though (Costco's 10" Sleep Science, king size)! 
  4. No left rib pain again! Guess that was just something my first two pregnancies had. 
  5. Oh, we're having a girl! I was hesitant to find out the gender since I thoroughly enjoyed having a delivery room surprise the last two times, but the older kiddos really wanted to know, so we did :) we had a very sweet gender reveal though with our children. Vivienne is the most excited to have a sister! The brothers are happy too, though Ezra was crossing his fingers to add more boys. 
  6. I've been much lazier about practicing hypnosis (using the Hypnobabies program I used the last two times), but I feel overall confident about birth this time. I mean, teddy was born in less than 2 hours from the first contraction so.... I can do this! I can't help but feel a little nervous as I approach these last few days *I hope*. We could have a newborn here in less than 2 weeks!!! 
  7. Cravings, cravings, cravings... Carlos knows this one better than I do. I know that I have had an abnormal craving for sweets and desserts of every kind, but I forget everything else! So I guess I have a severe case of preggo brain too haha. 
  8. I've been a bit of a doomsday prepper this time around. I've managed to get all the newborn laundry washed, the bassinet is ready to go, and I have enough diapers to last months, maybe even through the first year! I have about 2-3 weeks worth of meals frozen/jarred too, which includes a spreadsheet of all the meals haha. Having underlying anxiety is a bit of a doozy most days, but it's worked in my favor in regards to preparation. 
  9. I packed a hospital bag last week and even completed all the hospital registration paperwork. It must be my most prepared and smallest bag yet! I know we've been DIY maniacs for a few weeks too. I guess dads nest too haha. We just like to have things done... 
  10. So far, no disgusting sausage feet. I only had a lot of swelling with Teddy. If I'm in the car for awhile, I'll have a little swelling, but otherwise, I can still fit most of my shoes! 
  11. I had the sweetest baby shower thrown for me by some of the ladies in my ward. It was so incredibly thoughtful and I truly felt so loved. And my friend Emily made an adorable melon baby, which then my family and I devoured the next day because we are cannibals. 
  12. I've been way grouchier and emotional this pregnancy. I wonder if it's just a cumulative effect where the more kids you have, the more kookoo you get. That's my experience at least. 

The #4 pregnancy has been quiet on social media. I know. I purposely kept it quiet until I hit 34 weeks. More than anything this pregnancy, I craved privacy. I think it's because we had so much freaking stuff going on! I was tired of answering the same questions over and over.

So to clear the air, yes, we moved out of our beautiful, crazy fixer upper. Yes, we still own it and rent it now. Yes, it is mostly finished!! Including window trim, 2 additional bedrooms, a full bathroom remodel, exterior, porches with a roof, a complete HVAC system, kitchen lighting, and various other finishing touches. There is still work to be done, but nothing too urgent.

We moved to southernish Oregon for an awesome job opportunity for Carl. Which means I had to leave my sweet gig at Silverton's ER- miss that crew!! We bought another house here but now we are in suburbia. I don't love having neighbors this close, but the conveniences of having everything I need or want within 10 min is great.

This was initially a really painful transition full of bittersweet feelings. In my mind, likened it to losing part of my liver and hoping it would regenerate. It has. We are so happy to be here now and have felt a sense of belonging and being in the right place! It's been a faith building experience and we are so glad we took this leap to continue our life's journey here!

Now send me all the good baby-having juju out there and pray that I won't be pregnant forever. As I've written this post, I've had several light contractions! Hoping they develop into something and aren't some kind of baby trickery...